7 Tips Natural Remedies for Healthy Gums

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Nature has benevolently strewn her offerings all around us and if we can make the most of these, we can lead a healthier life without the impact of the harmful chemicals.

Now, the mouth is the primary entrance of foreign materials into the body. So, it is more exposed to the detrimental products. Naturally, we have to take good care of the same.

While there is nothing that can replace the dentist, home remedies have proven to be quite beneficial for the betterment of the oral health and this is especially the case with the gums.

Reversing gingivitis or gum disease is not an easy task but it is also not impossible either. In fact, it is crucial in the prevention of gingivitis before it progresses into a severe gum ailment.

Swollen, red and sore gums and bad breath caused by bacteria are symptoms that show that your gums are not in good shape anymore. But prior to opting for the over-the-counter products, it is always advisable that you try the natural home remedies that provide you with relief without the harmful chemicals.

  • Neem – Neem happens to be a plant enriched with the anti-bacterial properties. There are several researches that are conducted that prove that neem is extremely beneficial to fight gingivitis. You can prepare mouthwash that contains mango, neem or chlorhexidine (an antiseptic found in many mouthwashes available today) which you can use for 3 months twice a day. Results reveal that all this mouthwash is highly effective in inhibiting gingivitis and for reducing plaque.
  • Oil Pulling – The oil pulling ayurvedic practice has shown a reduction of plaque in people who are suffering from gingivitis. For oil pulling, you need to swish a tablespoon of quality oil for about 20 minutes around the mouth. The swishing pulls off the oil between the teeth.  Then spit it out, rinse the mouth with the lukewarm water and brush the teeth. Sesame oil is the traditionally used oil in this case. But research has shown that the coconut oil is also equally effective in preventing damage on tooth enamel and gums.
  • Salt Water – Rinsing with salt water has always been a age-old home remedy that dries the bacteria up. You can also add hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to the salt water rinsing for making this more effective. This does not just kill the bacteria but also clean the area. You can opt for a 50/50 mix of baking soda and salt. Then brush your teeth and massage your gums with a toothbrush that you have just dipped into this solution. The saltwater can soothe the tissues, but high blood pressure patients must be careful and seek the doctor’s advice before using this. Water that is salty can irritate the oral tissues and so you must start with minimal amount.
  • Tea Tree Oil -The tea tree oil can assist with the treatment of gingivitis and previously conducted studies have proven that. If you think of using tea tree oil for the health of your gums, you can use a toothpaste that contains essential oils. Undiluted tea tree oil or tooth remedies made with the same at home can turn out to be toxic.
  • Garlic -The garlic happens to be a superfood with a plethora of medicinal properties. While garlics are effective in treating flu and cold, the garlic contains allicin that has anti-bacterial properties and it is quite effective in treating gum and tooth pain. This does not just act as a pain killer but also responsible for killing the bacteria that lead to dental plaque. For this you can use garlic paste that you get by crushing the garlic clove. You can also chew fresh garlic to give some relief to your aching gums or teeth.
  • Vitamin C – Gum health is also boosted and protected by vitamin C. Research has shown that adults who consume least amount of vitamin C are more prone to the risks associated with the gums. In order to keep your diet enriched with vitamin C, you can include the items like oranges, grapefruit, mango, kiwi, strawberry, papaya, broccoli, red pepper, cantaloupe, brussels sprouts and so on in your daily diet.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Research shows that the omega 3 fatty acids taken for 3 weeks on a daily basis can decrease the gingival probability while enhancing the attachment of the gums with the teeth, The gingival index measures the severity of the gum inflammation. Evidences have shown that omega 3 fatty acids also prevent the severe periodontitis.

Now that you know about the home remedies, don’t forget that these though helpful are not the ultimate treatments. In order to detect and do away with any problem lurking in your gums you must consult with the Top Dentist in Middle Village at last twice a year. Only then you can rest assured that you are restoring the health of both your gums and teeth in the right way.

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