The Bottom Line: How to Know If You Have Liver Damage?

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The liver, which 500 vital functions, is the biggest internal organ. The most notable ones must mention to cleansing the toxins, storing the glucose, and helping the digestion.

You should know that you likely get the liver disease if something in these is not functioning properly. How to know if you have liver damage? Here are all things you need to know if desired to find an answer.

Liver Damage – How to Know If…

You Have Hepatitis

When saying to hepatitis, it is known that 5 major types are due to viruses attacking your liver. Three of 5 these main types are hepatitis C, B, and A.

If you eat the food or water that is infected, getting hepatitis A will be high. Frequently, the sexual contact or the needle-used contact with the infected person will lead to hepatitis B while hepatitis C is to spread through blood-borne.

To recognize hepatitis, you can be based on the early signs such as vomiting, poor appetite, weight loss, and fatigue. If these symptoms have gradually become worse, you will start being the circulation issues, dark urine, and dizziness.

To treat hepatitis A and B, it is necessary to rest and enhance the carbohydrate and protein diet. With the inflamed liver, the treating purpose is to recover the liver function.

Your Liver Gets the Effect of Alcohol Misuse

We have the medical term when coming to this – Alcohol Related Liver Disease – ARLD. Generally, the symptoms or signs are not clear in the early stage.

Correspondingly, if you drink plenty of alcohol every day, you need to go to the doctor to check your liver regularly. The blood test is quite useful because it is going to reveal enzymes that are presenting in your liver.

Keep in mind, if you recognize the signs such as vomiting blood, confusion, and drowsiness, it is probably that you have ARLD.

You Likely Have Fatty Liver Disease

Getting fatty liver disease does not relate to too much alcohol. Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease – NAFLD is its medical term. The cause is due to the unhealthy diet, which leads to a lot of fat in your liver.

You should know that a healthy liver will never have any fat.

It can say that this disease is pretty common in the UK. According to the estimation, there is 30 percent of the population in the early stage of the disease.

In the left untreated case, it will be able to lead to the heart attack, stroke, or cirrhosis. Although the signs of this disease are the uncomfortable feeling or pains under your ribs, they aren’t often obvious.

The treatment is simple. It requires that you must sleep enough. Based on the studies, the lack of sleep will make the liver function decrease. At once, it is necessary to change the eating diet and exercise regularly.

You Have the Signs Related to the Liver

Nausea and anorexia

Do you feel nauseous after your meals? Or you usually lose your appetite, right? Yes, there are the symptoms related to the liver problems, in particular, the production of bile.

Thanks to the bile, the fats will be emulsified and digested. Accordingly, once your liver has the problems, it will appear the nauseous feeling. This is the warning sign.


One of the signs related to a liver problem is the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion. In the unhealthy state, the liver will not able to detoxify the blood an effecient way.

Normally, the doctors will utilize the Fatigue Impact Scale so as to assess that fatigue, which is owing to the liver. It will contribute to assessing the level of fatigue that will impact your mental and physical activities, especially when starting the treatment process.

Feel confused & disorientated

As mentioned above, removing the toxins in the blood is the vital function of the liver. Taking a specific example, when taking medicine, the liver will help filter and make them become harmless.

On the other hands, ammonia will be produced when you eat too much protein, which will become harmless, thanks to working of the liver. Nonetheless, in case the liver is not functioning properly, this substance can damage the brain.

This condition is called as hepatic encephalopathy. The suffered person will feel confused and disorientated.


It is probably that jaundice is the most common sign of the liver disease, particularly, your eyes are white while your skin is yellow. This condition will occur when the liver cannot remove bilirubin – a certain type of bile.

Darker urine

Frequently, the cause of darker urine is due to the medication or the lack of fluid.

Nevertheless, if you recognize that your urine is darker than usual and your stool starts becoming white. There are the clear signs of liver disease. When recognizing these symptoms, the importance is to go to the doctor in order to treat timely because they show the liver function compromised in a serious way.

You Have Liver Fibrosis

When you get hepatitis C or ARLD is in an advanced state, you have the risk of getting this disease. It is noticed that the fibroids begin forming and producing scarring when the functions of the liver are bad.

Due to the liquid retention, both the feet and legs start swelling. Aside from that, it also appears itchy feet, itchy hands, and bruising. At that time, the liver becomes weaker than ever.

You Have Liver Cysts

View from different angles, this condition is not too serious. It only arises the problem when the unhealthy liver creates the fluid-filled cavities, cysts, for example.

Exactly, there do not have any warning signs until the cysts have gradually been larger and can begin making the suffered person discomfort and pain. Normally, we need to have other medical tests to detect it.

The Last Words

It hopes that our article will be useful for you in order to recognize the signs of liver disease. After reading the information above, it is certain that you will not ask again – how to know if you have liver damage.

Keep in mind, eating, exercising, and sleeping are the keys so as to keep your liver healthy. Don’t abuse too much coffee, alcohol, and refined grains. A glass of lemon will help you get rid of the toxins so that your liver works gently.

Let’s share with us your questions or your ways to keep the liver healthy, by commenting below. Good healthy!!!


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