Warning: Possible Black Seed Oil Side Effects

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Since time immemorial, our ancestors have made use of herbs and plants to cure various diseases. For example, Slavic people used to treat insect bites by cucumber or nettle. And the black seed is one of the most popular plants used to fight against adverse health conditions.

Black seed, also known as black cumin, comes from Nigella sativa, a plant native to southwestern Asia, the Mediterranean and Africa. Typically, people use the seeds as a spice or herbal medicine due to their aromatic flavors.

People have used black seed oil as a herbal medicine for a long time

The incredible health benefits of blacks seed were widely acknowledged a long time ago. It has been the natural remedy for a variety of conditions including allergies, asthma, diabetes, etc. for thousands of years.

For the time being, the black seed oil is the latest trend in the beauty industry. What makes these slightly bitter seeds so appealing?

Health Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

The benefits of black seed oil are the typical subject in many research of scientists. The below findings may surprise you!

#1. Skin Treatment

Research proved that black seed oil could promote healthy skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. If you continually apply a lotion with 10 percent black seed oil on your skin, the acne condition will be reduced. On top of that, topical application of black cumin oil can eliminate blemishes and scarring.

Applying black seed oil on the skin can reduce acne

Black seed oil is as effective as Betamethasone, a skin cream, in treating hand eczema. What’s more, the side effects of Betamethasone is more frightening, for example, swelling, dark, freckles, etc.

If I had to choose, I would rather go for a natural treatment rather than some conventional creams with unknown chemicals.

#2. Hair Growth

Good news for those having a problem with the hair! Black seed oil can handle a number of hair-related issues, including hair falls, graying or even baldness. The abundant nutrients in black seeds will curb hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Meanwhile, the graying process will be reversed as the oil limits the reduction of the pigment cells in your follicles.

#3. Weight loss

Black seed oil is on the way to become the most popular supplement for weight loss. You can come across hundreds of articles discussing how the oil melts away the pounds quickly. Is it true?

Lose weight quickly with black seed oil

There is scientific evidence that black seed oil aids in losing weight. As mentioned above, it contains anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce inflammation – a critical factor in obesity. However, the role of the black seed oil is not significant. You still need a healthy diet coupled with daily exercises to lose weight effectively.

#4. Fertility

Scientists have researched the influence of black seeds over infertile men. Surprisingly, they found out that the seeds could increase sperm motility and semen volume, thereby improving fertility greatly.

#5. Health conditions


According to scientists, thymoquinone in black seeds can slow the spreading process of various cancers, including breast and pancreatic cancer. However, whether the seeds can really fight against cancer is still unknown as recent research about black seed oil uses cells rather than live humans.

Black seed oil possibly fights against cancer


An asthma patient can benefit from consuming daily a black seed extract. Thanks to thymoquinone and other active agents in the seeds, the condition will gradually reduce in severity and frequency.


Black seeds play a role in lowering blood sugar levels and cholesterol, both of which contribute to diabetes. Therefore, it is safe to say that black seed oil may help manage this medical condition.

Black Seed Oil Side Effects

Black seed oil does have amazing benefits for health; however, we must be aware of its potential side effects.

#1. Allergies

Topical application of black seed oil can cause contact dermatitis in some individuals, which means rashes, blotching, and itching. Therefore, you should perform a patch test before applying black cumin seeds on your skin. If you have any allergic symptoms, discontinue using the seeds and visit a doctor immediately.

Stop using black seed oil in the event of allergy

#2. Pregnancy

It is likely unsafe for women to consume a large amount of black seed oil during pregnancy or breastfeeding period. The substance may slow down or even stop the uterus from contracting, leading to dangerous consequences.

Although there are no clear findings of this negative side effect of black cumin oil, it would be better to play safe and leave it alone.

#3. Blood Disorders

Anyone with blood disorders should stay away from black seed oil, or else there would be some severe consequences. For your concern, the oil may lead to slow blood clotting and excessive bleeding. If you are about to undergo surgery, it is advised to stop using black seed oil at least two weeks before the date.

#4. Low Blood Pressure

If you are suffering from hypertension, you may want to reduce the blood pressure by consuming black seeds. However, be warned if you already have low pressure as the oil will make matters worse.

#5. Medications

Those taking any kind of medical treatment should consult their doctors first before using black seed oil as the oil can probably interfere with the metabolization of certain medications. Even though small amounts will not hurt, safety is still the number one priority.

How To Make Black Seed Oil At Home

You can always make black seed oil at home with a press machine and organic seeds. Follow the instruction below:

  1. Clean and dry the seeds to get rid of dirt.
  2. Place the bottle in the receptacle to collect the oil. You should also prepare a container to catch the waste.
  3. Heat the machine following the manual guide.
  4. Put the seeds into the funnel.
  5. Turn on the device and let it extract the oil for you.
  6. Leave the oil bottle in a warm and dry place.
Your bottle of the black seed oil is good to go! Give it a try now.

Where To Find Black Seed Oil

In case preparing your own oil bottle is much of a hassle for you, do not worry! You can shop for black seed oil online or visit health stores in your neighborhood. Note that some brands may contain significant amounts of beneficial compounds while others do not, so you should carefully consider before making a purchase.

Black seed oil is available in health stores

To Sum Up

As mentioned above, the black seed oil shows real promise in promoting overall health. However, the negative side effects still exist, which may lead to serious consequences. My advice is to carefully consult your doctor before applying the oil, especially when you are pregnant or on medical treatment. You know, prevention is always better than cure.

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