The Only Guide You Need to Know About Dieter’s Tea

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Tea has been used for thousands of years since humans started to learn how to use herbs and plants for drinking. However, in recent years, it has been increasingly common to see tea used as an effective way to lose weight.

People often refer it to dieter’s tea. So, what is it? And does it make you lose some weight? This article will shed light on the truth behind this belief.

What Is Dieter’s Tea?

In general, dieter’s tea is a term which people use to mention different types of beverages. It might be known as herbal tea, Chinese diet tea or slimming tea as well.

These teas are usually advertised as a method to cleanse your body and possibly help you lose some weight. Maybe it is because tea is believed to contain no calories, so it does not affect your weight.

In addition, tea often has a positive influence on your metabolism, which increases the fat-burning process.

Black or green tea are two of the most common ingredients for dieter’s tea. But there are other herbs as well because dieter’s tea is often a product of mixed herbs.

Some brands claim that their tea is effective to eliminate any toxins from the human body. As a result, your weight loss can achieve better results.

Benefits of Dieter’s Tea

The most famous benefit of dieter’s tea is to support weight loss. It is also the reason why millions of people are seeking for dieter’s tea every year.

However, in addition to aiding weight loss, dieter’s tea proves to be a good choice for your daily diet because of its various benefits. Let’s find out what you can get from this simple drinking.

#1. No caffeine

In general, most dieter’s tea does not give your body any caffeine additives. Caffeine may cause addiction and lead to a series of health problems if you consume it excessively.

For example, caffeine is responsible for headaches, nausea or tremors. Thus, it is recommended that you stay away from this substance as much as possible, even when you need it to stay awake.

By switching your use of caffeine to dieter’s tea, you are choosing to lead a healthier life, and therefore, you have a much lower risk of health problems resulting from caffeine.

#2. Laxative effects

Herbs are undeniably an important part of dieter’s tea. And it is claimed that many herbal ingredients serve perfectly as a laxative. In other words, it helps you overcome digestive problems, such as constipation.

However, when it comes to laxative effects, you should be careful. It is because excessive consumption might lead to an unwanted consequence. Always remember to ask your doctor for advice if you are experiencing fluid retention or stomach pain.

#3. Reduce aging signs

Dieter’s tea provides a great number of amino acids and antioxidants which play an essential role in fighting against free radicals. They also help to protect molecules and cells. As a result, your body experiences fewer symptoms of the aging process, especially on your skin.

#4. Lower cancer risks

One of the most outstanding benefits of dieter’s tea is to reduce the possibility of suffering from cancer significantly. We all know that it is a fatal disease and no matter where it happens to your body, you have to be worried.

Fortunately, the use of slimming tea is said to lower the growth of cancerous cells. Catechins, which are usually present in dieter’s tea, limit the activities of carcinogens and tumors.

Also, if you have already suffered from cancer, dieter’s tea is a good option as well. It can help remove cancer cells and protect healthy cells from damage.

#5. Strengthen your bone

With their anti-inflammatory qualities, slimming tea is good for bones. In particular, it contributes to the prevention of osteoporotic fractures.

Your bones become stronger and less likely to break down, in strenuous activities on a daily basis.

#6. Good for the heart

By choosing dieter’s tea to consume on a daily basis, you are leading a healthy lifestyle for your heart. It is particularly beneficial for reducing diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

Your cholesterol level is kept low thanks to dieter’s tea, and therefore, your heart stays healthy.

Furthermore, slimming tea contains polyphenols which encourage the body not to absorb dietary fat. This protects you from stroke and heart attack efficiently.

#7. Remove excess fat

Perhaps this is the benefit that people pay the most attention to. Polyphenols in slimming tea can activate some enzymes in your body to eradicate more excess fat.

As a result, you can gain more fruitful outcomes in the road of losing weight.

#8. Improve oral health

Dieter’s tea is claimed to have great impacts on your oral health. Thanks to its content of polyphenols and catechins, dieter’s tea can eliminate bacteria causing oral problems, such as bleeding gums, bad breath or tooth decay.

Nevertheless, to get the best results, you cannot use sweeteners, including honey or sugar, in your drinking. Otherwise, you only make your oral health worse and worse.

Top 5 Dieter’s Tea

Are you excited about all benefits of dieter’s tea? It is a perfect alternative choice to coffee when you are thirsty or have low energy level. It’s time to find out what is the best dieter’s tea on the market at the moment!

The industry of beverages has developed so fast, and you are bombarded with countless options nowadays. By reading our reviews, you can make an easier decision with our top 5 recommended dieter’s tea.

They all come from one of the most reliable and popular brands in this industry – Laci Le Beau.

#1. Laci Le Beau Super Dieter’s Tea – Natural Botanicals

This is one of the most favorite options for dieter’s tea lovers. Laci Le Beau has introduced a series of dieter’s tea with different flavors. And natural botanical is the first we would like to mention.

It is a perfect combination of many different herbal ingredients, such as senna, papaya leaf, cinnamon bark, orange peel or marshmallow root. All of them contribute to weight loss and other benefits of dieter’s tea.

Senna is a laxative agent accepted by the U.S Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, any tea containing senna is said to have wonderful effects on weight loss process.

Combined with other herbal ingredients, senna does its best to help you realize your dream of getting an ideal weight.

As the tea comes from a mix of many ingredients, no single flavor is dominant, and many people reported that they found the taste incredibly amazing.

#2. Laci Le Beau Super Dieter’s Tea – Cranberry Twist

Cranberry Twist is the next flavor that you can try from the famous brand Laci Le Beau. It also attracts much attention from consumers around the world.

The flavor is extracted from all natural ingredients. There is no artificial ingredient used to produce this dieter’s tea, so you can completely rely on its quality and enjoy the flavor of cranberry to the fullest extent.

Like other products of Laci Le Beau, you won’t find any caffeine in this dieter’s tea, which saves you from countless health problems.

In addition to the flavor, does cranberry bring any positive effects? Yes. Its benefits are the reason why the manufacturer chooses cranberry among many natural foods.

Cranberry juice is believed to reduce body weight effectively. It is also a good relief for those who struggle with depression and stress. Cranberry has a significant influence on our immune system. Thus, you can stay away from many problems.

#3. Laci Le Beau Super Dieter’s Tea – Lemon Mint

The combination of lemon and mint brings you a unique taste and more importantly, many benefits regarding weight loss.

For long, lemon has served as a natural wonderful detox drink. It has amazing cleansing effects on your body. Therefore, many people choose to consume fresh lemon juice regularly to have their body alkalized.

Furthermore, lemon is also beneficial for your immune system and digestion. All of these contribute to better and quicker weight loss.

On the other hand, mint gives you sweetness without the presence of sugar which is claimed to be bad for your body. Mint has calming effects on your stomach and digestion.

Therefore, this combination gives you one of the best dieter’s teas to make your body much better.

#4. Laci Le Beau Super Dieter’s Tea – Cinnamon Spice

Cinnamon is another popular natural remedy for weight loss and Laci Le Beau has learned that and applied this ingredient on its product.

Cinnamon has first used thousands of years ago. In the Roman Empire, cinnamon was even more valuable than silver. It has many medicinal qualities as it is antiparasitic and antimicrobial.

Many antioxidants are present in cinnamon, and it helps to support the healing process. Moreover, if you use cinnamon regularly, your cholesterol and blood pressure levels are kept low.

Therefore, cinnamon prevents fat from concentrating in your body. This is vital for weight loss process.

According to some studies, cinnamon reduces the amount of abdominal fat significantly.

So, there is no reason to refuse this wonderful, delicious drink anymore, right?

#5. Laci Le Beau Super Dieter’s Tea – Apricot

The last product in our review list is Apricot from Laci Le Beau as well. If you are concerned about using natural ingredients to lose weight, you may have heard about apricot.

It is a perfect option for low-fat diets. You will find a significant amount of fiber in this ingredient. Fiber increases fullness and reduces your consumption of foods.

Fiber also plays an essential role in losing weight. It supports food movement inside the digestive tracts.

Even more, apricot is sweet and fresh, giving you one of the best flavors, not only to help you lose weight but also to relax and calm your body.


In spite of many benefits, the industry of dieter’s tea has got a lot of doubts over the years. Many people wonder whether it is truly effective to help you lose weight. Or it is simply a marketing policy that hits people’s weakness.

The benefits of dieter’s tea are real; however, the dangers are also real. If you are addicted to using it, then it will become something harmful for your health.

All troubles come from senna – a herbal ingredient with laxative effects. When taking it excessively, your body is more likely to experience diarrhea or abdominal pain.

#1. Diarrhea

The first possible consequence of dieter’s tea is to cause diarrhea.

The process in which food travels through your digestive tract might be affected by senna. As a consequence, your stools become more frequent and looser over a short period of time.

Diarrhea is a health problem which makes you suffer from frequent stools. It is unusual to do bowel movements more than 3 times on a daily basis. Another symptom of this problem are inconsistent stools which result from excess water.

#2. Abdominal pain

Another common unwanted consequence of dieter’s tea is abdominal pain or cramping. Senna speeds up the digestion process as it stimulates your colon’s rhythmic contractions.

The result is cramping and sometimes nausea too. If you start noticing these symptoms, stop taking dieter’s tea immediately and consult your doctor for treatment.

On the other hand, there are some feasible side effects, but overall, they are not dangerous for your health. For example, you might notice your urine become yellow or brown.

Dizziness or weakness are other symptoms which remind you of rechecking your use of dieter’s tea. Perhaps there is something wrong with it.


In general, dieter’s tea is a good move to a healthier lifestyle, instead of being obsessed with soft drinks or coffee. It has many benefits on your health in the long term, let alone quick results on weight loss.

If you are satisfied with all products we recommend, share the article as an act of support. If you are not, comment your opinion and discuss what’s the best on the market.


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