The Complete Library Of 5 Benefits of Green Tea Extract

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You know what?

Green tea is one of the most commonly used products in the world. Green tea extract can be known as a preparation containing the active green tea ingredient of a substance in concentrated form.

Benefits of green tea extract are very similar to those of green tea. Green tea extract has a lot of antioxidants leading to a list of health benefits from detoxifying your liver to reducing your risk of cancer. 


Green tea - your health assistant

Now here are the top five benefits you can achieve from green tea extract and some tips to aid you in identifying a fake green tea product.

1. Detoxify your liver

Out of all the best detox products available, green tea extract is the most effective one. Instead of literally removing your body’s toxic, green tea mainly focus on boosting your body’s natural function to detox.


The best liver cleaner of all time is right here!

There’s no way around the fact that a healthy liver can detox your body. Green tea extract already helps that by providing a high number of antioxidants which support the liver stay in balance and keep doing its job well.

Some studies indicate that green tea extract can do even more than just detoxifying the body. It does protect liver function from the development of inflammation and oxidative stress which can cause some liver diseases.

2. Improve your heart health

Like green tea, green tea extract can improve your heart health. The antioxidants in green tea extract can help your body reduce the risk of inflammation and help decrease blood pressure.


Your heart health is now protected by green tea extract

What’s more, green tea extract aids in preventing your body from the heart attack, stroke and reduce blood fat level. It was still a question of how much cups of tea we should drink, but one 2007 study found that three or more cups of tea is the best advice.

3. Help you lose weight

This could be the most interesting benefit for all people who diet. Apart from antioxidants, green tea extract also provide catechins and caffeine which can regulating the hormone in your body and, thus, assist in weight loss.


A cup of green tea extract help weight loss - sound perfect!

 This is crazy:

One study has shown that a mixture of caffeine, ECGC from green tea extract and guarana extract can burn an average amount of 179 calories in the following 24 hours. It is the best example of green tea extract that can aid burn your calorie.

So, before finishing your diet plan, consider this little drink!

4. Good for your mental health

Green tea extract mainly focus on affecting your brain which can lead to lots of mental health benefits. It is shown in a research that green tea extract help protect your brain cells from oxidative stress and prevent your brain from diseases.


Would you like a cup of happiness everyday? Consider green tea!

Hence, caffeine in green tea extract helps you aware; the plain taste makes you relaxed and happy. Green tea extract relieves all the stress you’ve been through a day. If you are drinking products from green tea extract, you are the happiest person ever!

5. Reduce the risk of cancer

When the balance between cell death and regrowth is disrupted, your body starts producing a dysfunctional cell which causes some types of cancer.

However, the antioxidants in green tea extract, especially ECGC, may have some effects that aid balance the cell regrowth and death.


Green tea extract prevents some types of cancer

One study has found that the risk of developing cancer is 3% when using green tea extract compared to those people who don’t drink green tea. What an amazing tea!

How to identify a low-quality green tea product:

Want to know the best part?

There have been hundreds of different types of tea available on the market recently. However, consumers seem to be easily deceived by the sophisticated camouflage of low-quality products.

So, here are some tips for you to identify them:

#1. Its origin

It’s a good idea to take a first look at the country or the region’s address that green tea products were made.

If the package doesn’t contain the manufacturer’s information, find the barcode and the number which represent the country or the location of the factory.


Pay attention to those products that don’t provide barcode!

#2. Its price

Remember this - the cheaper green tea product is, the more low-quality it is - you get what you pay for. Green tea product now is various in price.

You can even buy 100 grams green tea for 15$ but the quality of it will be different - a bad taste left in your tongue that you will never forget!


Consider the price before paying for your green tea products

#3. Its taste

Green tea is known for its subtle sweet taste, mild acrid taste and the faint scent of flowers and green flowers. It has a mild natural scent, a little bit of bitterness and natural sweet after drinking.

The quality of green tea will vary depending on the variety of tea, the time of harvest and the processing techniques.


A mild scent of green tea will help you identify it

Green tea tastes bitter like regular tea. When boiling, you should combine with sugar and milk will give a sweet fragrance.

#4. Its color

When talking about the color, look for a truly stunning green one. The greener is better!

Green tea is grown in bright place; In this way, tea leaves are forced to produce too much chlorophyll, giving tea leaves dark green color.


The real green tea is the fourth picture in the bottom right corner

Lower quality green tea, by comparison, tends to be made up of chemicals, either older and / or harvested from lower stems; and therefore the color will be unnaturally green.

In the nutshell

Green tea extract has all of the health benefits that you may need - from detoxifying your liver to reduce your risk of cancer. A cup of tea every day not only helps you improve your body's resistance, strengthen vitality, but also prevent disease.

This drink has the effect of boosting metabolism, boosting the body's fat burning mechanism and helping to maintain a healthy weight.

The benefits of the green tea extract above may help you to have a healthy and healthy life. Green tea is excellent but doesn't forget some of the above notes to avoid accidentally harming yourself by low-quality green tea products!

If you have a habit of drinking green tea every day but do not know exactly its real effect on your health, you can find out right here and share with your friends and relatives so they can understand and practice using green tea every day.


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