How to reverse fatty liver disease?

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Fatty liver is a condition when large amounts of fat cells infiltrate the liver. These fat cells affect the secretion of bile; toxins excreted as well as the metabolism of sugar in the body.

Fatty liver can progress to many more dangerous chronic diseases like hepatitis, cirrhosis, cardio disease, even liver cancer. According to doctors, the key is the lifestyle change. If you are worried about how to reverse fatty liver, the information below will help you.

Who is susceptible to fatty liver disease?

#1. People with a high starch diet and saturated fat

  • A diet rich in starch will increase blood sugar. Starch is known as rice, rice noodles, cakes, etc...
  • The HDL and LDL cholesterol will convert these excess sugar to fat cells. Then, the fat cells infiltrate the liver and blood vessel walls, cause fatty liver.
  • Saturated fats are also responsible for fatty liver. Animal fats, red meat, fast food is not good for your liver.

#2. Lazy people

  • Sitting and lazy exercise makes the calories from daily food is redundant.

#3. People who drink too much alcohol
  • Alcohol is the enemy of the liver. Beer and wine will destroy liver cells.
  • Alcohol does not only causes hepatitis but also causes fatty liver.
  • If you have a binge drinking regime 2-3 times a week, be careful! You are at the risk of fatty liver disease.

#4. People with diabetes disease

  • Patients with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes are at high risk for the fatty liver disease.
  • When there is diabetes, insulin in the body will be deficient. The Sugar level in blood doesn't balance.
  • The liver cells metabolize excess sugar in the blood into glycogen. Glycogen is then transformed into fat cells, stored in the liver and other organs.

Signs to recognize fatty liver disease?

#1. Overweight

To assess the weight of a person, people use BMI.

BMI = the body weight (kg) / the square of height (m2).

According to WHO, the average BMI of an average person is from 18kg / m2 to 25kg / m2.

If your BMI is above 25 kg / m2, you are overweight.

#2. Abdominal distension

The bigger of the lower abdomen, the more fat accumulation you have in your internal organs. The belly fat also reduces your life expectancy.

WHR = the waist measure (cm) / the hip measure (cm).

WHR> 1 with men; WHR > 0.85 with women is a very high risk of fatty liver.

#3. Symptoms of liver disease

  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Jaundice
  • Dark urine color
  • Nausea
  • Easy to tired, sluggish
  • Easy bleeding.

Fatal complications of fatty liver disease

#1. Hepatitis

Fatty liver can turn into the inflammation condition.

This disease will damage the liver function. The symptoms of hepatitis are hemophilia, gastric and esophageal hemorrhage, and even death.

#2. Liver cancer

Fatty liver will be fibrosis. Next, liver fibrosis progresses to the liver tumor.

Liver tumors can invade and spread to other organs in the body.

#3. Cardiac disease

Fat accumulation in the liver means that other organs are inevitable.

Fat in the blood vessels increases blood pressure.

In the case of fatty plaque spreads off the walls of blood vessels. They will form blood clots. These clots run throughout the body. Blood clots blockage in the small blood vessels. Then, the result of it is an embolism or myocardial infarction and stroke

How to reverse fatty liver disease?

#1. Eat less starch

A healthy diet is to drink plenty of water and fruit instead of starch.

Mark Hegsted
a nutrition professor at Harvard

We should divide a plate of a meal into four parts:

  • Of which two-part are vegetables and fruit.
  • One part is healthy protein as fish.
  • The other is starch from sweet potatoes, potatoes.

White starch such as rice, noodle, cakes is fast absorption sugar. This type of starch causes high blood sugar levels. This type has increased the risk of fatty liver fat heavier, leading to type 2 diabetes

#2. Eat more fiber

Eat plenty of green vegetables, bulbs.

Drink vegetable juice instead of fruit juice. High sugar content in fruits is not good for your health.

Eat fruit instead of juice. The fiber in fruit pulp helps to remove excess fat in the food from your intestines. These soluble fibers also help clear away visceral fat in the liver and blood vessels.

Eat plenty of unprocessed raw cereal.

#3. Eat less red meat

Beef, pork with very high levels of cholesterol increase the level of fat in the liver and blood.

Instead of red meat, we should eat fish, soybeans, green beans, mushrooms. These foods can provide good protein for your health.

At the best, if you can, switch to a vegetarian diet.

#4. Choose healthy fats

Fat from animals like beef, pork is not good for your health.

There are lots of omega - 3 in fat from fish. The omega - 3 can reduce the amount of excess fat in the liver.

Not all the plant oils are good for health. During peanut oil processing, people press the peanut at high temperatures. This way produce a lot of toxic hexane.

Try to choose olive oil, sesame oil or coconut oil.

Eating a spoonful of black sesame dipped after each meal is also a good way to add fat to your body.

#5. More activities in lifestyles


Do the exercise at least 30 minutes a day, three days a week is the main key on how to reverse fatty liver.

Look for yourself a favorite sport like swimming, jogging. Regular training is more appreciated than practicing a lot for one day but not at all.

Buy for yourself a balance to keep track of your weight.

#6. Do not drink alcohol

If you have had a fatty liver, just remove the alcohol from your diet.

Substitute alcohol drinks with non-alcoholic beverages such as green leafy vegetables, filtered water.

#7. Use medicine to support the liver health

Some medicine will help you control your fatty liver.

Choose products derived from nature. Use medicines from dandelion flowers, chamomile instead of synthetic drugs.

Use only when prescribed by your doctor. Some medicines of the fatty liver have many side effects which not good for health.


When we are healthy, we want to have many things in our lives. But when we are sick, what we need is health. Fatty liver is a dangerous disease. We can reverse this disease completely. If lifestyle is the cause of the fatty liver, then Lifestyle is the key to the question: how to reverse fatty liver.

Take control of what we eat so that food is our good medicine. Do not let drugs become our foods.


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