Liver Cleanse Side Effects – Is That Truly Dangerous For Your Liver?

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Nowadays, we can easily see both children and adults eating fast-food, snacks contained a preservative which is harmful to the body. Moreover, people are living in a polluted environment with emissions from many factories in the city.

As a result, in research recently, experts have shown that the number of people suffered from liver disease has increased significantly. Unfortunately, the figures are on the red alert; therefore, many people have found liver cleanse to prevent toxins to their body, but none of them knew about the side effects of liver cleanse.

As you know, there are many ways to cleanse your liver, you can eat healthy foods to remove toxic, drink raw vegetable, or it can be called detox.

To be honest, I can not deny that liver cleanse will bring you a healthy liver; however, you need to have enough knowledge to know how much is enough for your body.

Besides, it is important to have the doctor instruction to have a liver cleanse. Liver cleanses side effects can happen if you do not follow the right instruction, it might cause bad effect to your body.

Today, I will show you some liver cleanse side effects to provide you knowledge about how to keep a healthy liver. From there, you can protect yourself, and for your family.

What is the function of the liver?

First, you need to know a little bit about the function of the liver to your body. The liver is one of the important organs in the digestive tract and is an integral organ in your body.

Furthermore, liver takes on about 500 different roles in the whole system of life. Therefore, this is also a part that needs special care and protection to lead a healthy life.

Your liver plays a major role in transforming food into essential nutrients for life. All blood coming out of the stomach and intestines must pass through the liver before reaching the rest of the body.

For this reason, the liver is in a strategic position to convert food and drugs absorbed from the digestive tract into forms that the body can use easily. Basically, the liver plays the role of a waste filtering machine and refined.

What is liver cleanse?

The body scrub is a fairly common concept in folklore. If understood in the normal way is to help the body "light," support the metabolism of substances and waste from the body.

Liver cleanses means that you use some method like eat healthy food, or drink herb medicine to release the toxin in your liver. You can easily find many ways to cleanse your liver on the internet, and liver cleanse is the best way to detoxification your liver.

Simple detoxification methods

Drink a lot of water. Add water to the body as much as possible. Lack of water can increase the risk of gallstone formation. In addition to purified water, you can use herbal green tea and fresh fruit juices.


Additional technology. Turmeric has the high anti-inflammatory properties, so it's hard to add some turmeric powder when marinating meat or fish, thereby helping to prevent hepatitis.

Eat well. Include citrus fruits, rich vegetables, green vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, and garlic in your daily diet. They help to destroy the toxins, so water gets rid of the body. Olive oil is also good for the liver.

Liver cleanses side effects

Besides the advantageous of liver detoxification, it is very dangerous if you do not have knowledge for liver cleanse, your liver will be damaged quickly.

Many people think that detoxification of the body applies to the liver as well. According to expert, the detoxification process only removes some of the toxins from the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph, and skin.

Using cool water or purified tea if it works, will only give people a sense of coolness temporarily, not affect the liver properly - the body performs the main detoxification process of the whole body.

Many readers wonder why they have been drinking a lot of cool water, herbs (green tea, artichokes, passion fruits, lemons, turmeric, honey), actively detox and use products that are supposed to cool the liver, Liver toxicity that does not work.

In contrast, the disease is getting worse. Everyone should not detoxify liver arbitrarily. Oral methods can be harmful to the organ. Long-term use can lead to many serious diseases like inflammation, fibrosis, even liver cancer.

The leaves, post-treatment drugs go to the liver to metabolize and excreted out. This process can put harmful substances that cause liver disease.

Dangerously, drinking such plants can mask the symptoms of the disease, causing the patient to think he or she has gone without active treatment, missed the stage of effective treatment.

Many people voluntarily take traditional medicine or products "cool liver, lowering liver enzymes" while not scientifically proven.

US and Swedish reports show that 17% of cases of acute liver failure are due to arbitrary drug use in general.

More than 900 drug products, toxins have been reported to cause damage to the organ. Prognosis of the risk of death in patients with acute liver failure due to drug reaction is 60-80%.

In particular, many drugs to cool liver, detoxification has not been safely verified. The use of medicinal remedies, leafy plants increase the risk of impurities or toxins may be in them will make the liver more "dance."

As a consequence, this reduces the ability to detoxify the liver, leading to many dangerous liver diseases such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, even cancer.

Hepatotoxicity is the inflammatory reaction of the liver to the toxins in the body. Common symptoms are pimples, fatigue, anorexia, stomach ache, jaundice.

From my perspective, you should choose clean foods, abstaining from alcohol, quitting smoking, resting reasonably, doing sports training. The methods should be implemented regularly.

Methods of liver cleanse

  • Reduce alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol and caffeine are two of the biggest culprits causing large amounts of toxins in your liver, so get rid of these drinks in your daily diet. Recent research has shown that caffeinated coffee can help reduce liver enzymes.
  • Drink water. Detoxify the liver and eliminate toxins by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. Drinking plenty of water will keep the body well hydrated and support cell regeneration. It will also help the liver filter out more toxins, make it work faster and increase your energy levels.
  • Drink natural fruit smoothies. Fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, all enhance the health of the liver. These fruits have an organic acid that lowers blood sugar levels and will help you burn fat, reducing your risk of fatty liver disease.
  • Avoid foods that damage the liver. Prepared foods contain a lot of preservatives, fats, and cholesterol that can make the liver fatty.
  • Avoid fast foods. Specifically, fried foods or preserved meat (like sausages, bacon, etc.)
  • Avoid the bad fats. Like red meat, fried foods and processed fat because they can interfere with your liver. Processed fats include margarine and hydrogenated oils.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners, colorants, and preservatives.


Everything has its both side; the most important thing is that you should prepare for yourself the best knowledge. What liver cleanse is not always good for your body, as I have shown you the liver cleanse side effect, you can see that if your liver cleanses in the wrong way, the result will be serious.

There’s nothing worth more than health; I hope after reading my post, you will have the information about the liver cleanse side effect to protect your liver not only for yourself but your family and friends. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!


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