Is Drinking Dandelion Tea For Weight Loss Effective?

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Besides the great benefits that dandelion tea brings to your health, can you use this tea to lose your weight?

The answer is YES. It is totally possible.

You know, keeping the body fit is always the desire of all women in any generations. Today, using tea for weight loss and physique is receiving a lot of attention because of its unexpected effects.

Dandelion tea is a type of herbal tea that is completely extracted from nature,  very benign and safe for health. Especially, it has the ability to help you lose weight without dieting. Not only does it positively affect women’s appearance, but dandelion tea also has a similar effect on men. Men can also drink dandelion tea to lose weight. Dandelion tea is easy to prepare and use.

Dandelion tea is a popular tea that helps you lose weight healthily. Image Resource: Top DIY Health & Home Remedies

Nutrition Fact

Dandelion contains many necessary nutrients and is a great source of nutrition for the body. Nutrition contents of 100g dandelion leaves are as follows:

Amount Per Serving 100g



% Daily Value


45 Calories


Vitamin A

10161 IU


Vitamin K

778.4  mcg


Vitamin C

35 mg


Vitamin E

3.44 mg


Total Fat

0.70 g


Dietary Fiber

3.50 g



2.70 g



0 mg



187 mg



3.10 mg



76 mg



9.20 g


Pantothenic acid

0.084 mg



27 mcg



0.251 mg



0.806 mg



0.190 mg



397 mg



0.260 mg



36 mg



66 mg



0.41 mg



0.342 mg



0.5 mg


* Daily values are based on 2000 calorie diet

Great Benefits of Dandelion Tea for Weight Loss

Dandelion tea is very suitable for people who want to lose weight. You can both enjoy a delicious cup of tea which is beneficial for health and lose weight. What's better than this!

Low in calories

Like most other teas, there are very few calories in this tea. Can you believe that a cup of dandelion tea contains only two to three calories?

Well, it is true. In fact, a cup of soda includes up to 150 calories. When you are thirsty, choose a cup of dandelion tea to dispel thirst and reduce calories in your body.

Lose weight

You can drink dandelion tea during or between meals to lose weight. Especially, this herbal tea can be used in cooking to create new flavors, reduce fat and cholesterol in the body. Besides, dandelion tea also helps you digest better by stimulating gastric secretion.

The tea also helps you become full faster as it will take up a considerable amount of space in your stomach to prevent you from eating more.

Lose weight with dandelion root

You can also lose weight with dandelion root. The roots contain very few calories, and they work to suppress appetite, push fat and bad cholesterol out of the body. To lose weight, you can drink tea from dandelion roots 2 or 3 times every day or cook it into salads or soups to eat.

The dandelion tea have weight loss effects. Image Resource: BeautyTalk

Slim abdominal

Unreasonable diet, improper exercise and lack of rest are the causes of abdominal obesity. One of the natural herbs is said to be able to solve this problem very well is dandelion flower, the “savior” of your fat-filled belly.

This is the natural remedy that helps detoxify the body effectively, while direct and stimulate effects as well as enhance the body's metabolic ability, improve the activity function of the digestive system to limit the transformation and formation of stored fat that causes abdominal obesity.

Besides, dandelions also contain a variety of nutrients, which are of great help in to strengthening your overall health very well, speeding up the reduction of belly fat, and  bringing out a desirable slim waist naturally and safely.

Reduce excess water

The water weight in the body is a problem many people encounter. Most diets focus on reducing fat without paying attention to the amount of water in the body. With dandelion tea, you can even reduce a significant amount of water apart from getting rid of excess fat! The reason is that dandelion tea helps diuretics to remove excess water from your body. By drinking this tea every day, you can reduce up to 2.2-3.3 lbs/week.

Dandelion tea reduces excess water.

However, you should also drink the accordant amount of tea which is not too much to avoid your body from becoming dehydrated.

Expert Advice

When there are new substances taken in the body, your body needs to gradually adjust to the new changes. You should start using dandelion products little by little because it may result in some side effects. From the beginning, if you drink a lot of dandelion tea, you may be dehydrated and very tired due to urinating a lot. Therefore, in several first days, you can drink a cup of tea to good for body adaptation. Then gradually increase the amount of tea you drink each day.

Can I drink dandelion tea before bed?

Drinking a herbal tea gives you digest easily, relax, provide a hydrating boost before bed and even help clear toxins as well. Sipping a cup of dandelion tea before going to bed makes you stay away from, you can also avoid tooth decay. But you should not drink too much unless if not you want’ll have to sleep in the bathroom! Remember dandelion has diuretic properties.

Health experts consider the use of dandelions generally safe but warn about some side effects as vomiting, stomach pain, allergy and diarrhea.

Another note, make sure you read warnings about people who should not eat or use dandelions. Moreover, you should find a prestigious and quality dandelion tea brand or use of self-cultivation dandelions is also very good.

Can you grow your own dandelion?

You are thinking about planting dandelion in your garden a garden has many dandelions are grown by yourself. You can do it as long as your garden is not in the areas that spraying herbicide. You can grow actively find the type of dandelions plants you like, such as young trees will be tender and sweeter.

Dandelion tea can interact with the medicines that you are taking or your current health condition. So, if you are taking any medication or have any pathology problem, talk to your doctor before using dandelion.

Besides those who are using diabetes medications and blood thinners, do not drink dandelion tea because it will adversely affect your health. Dandelion tea is also not beneficial for children and should not be taken with antacids.


Dandelion tea plays an important part in promoting our health in general and removing excess fat in particular. However, dandelion tea can cause allergies in some specific cases so you should consult a specialist before starting to use this tea to lose weight. Are you ready to see yourself slim in the mirror?


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