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Oolong tea still has another way to call – wulong. This is a semi-oxidized type of the tea. In comparison with green tea, the fermented time of oolong tea is longer. Nonetheless, it is shorter than black tea.

Apart from the delicious taste, oolong is beneficial the health. That’s why a large number of the consumers enjoy using this tea type. So, how to find the best oolong tea? All that you need will have in our article. Look at here!!!

The Best Oolong Tea for Your Health – What More Can You Know?

What Is Oolong Tea?

Oolong that is produced is based on the process of fermenting. If compared to green tea, this process is longer. But, inevitably, it is shorter than black tea. Then, it provides a healthy drink, especially, the benefit in weight-loss.



Types of Oolong Tea

#1. Taiwanese oolong tea

It is known as Bao Zhong or pouching, which is the light type and pretty like a green tea. On the other hand, Jade Oolong is the darker type while reaching the overall quality has to say to the amber oolong. If you look the Formosa oolong label, it means that there are Taiwan darker oolong.

#2. Chinese oolong tea

Anxi and Wuyi located in Fujian are the most common places, which produce the Chinese oolongs. It has to mention to Tie Guan Yin, which is very common.

Another type has also originated in Anxi – Se Chung oolongs. Depending on the roasting levels and the flavor, there are different forms of Chinese oolongs.

For Wuyi oolongs, it must say to Rou Gui – cinnamon and Hong Pao – red robe. Frequently, they have spices or the flower flavors.

Benefits of Oolong Tea



#1. Slow the aging process

Thanks to having the high polyphenol intake that has the ability to fight free radicals, oolong tea contributes to slowing down your aging problems. You should know that the brown spots, wrinkles, or the unwanted pigmentation on your skin are due to the free radicals.

#2. Good for the mouth

Apart from fighting free radicals, the bacteria in your mouth will be also killed because of the polyphenols. Therefore, people drinking oolong tea likely prevent the problems related to cavities. If you have the oral surgery, you can hasten the healing time, by drinking oolong tea.

#3. Weight-loss

Nowadays, there are many people that choose to use oolong tea as the weight-loss method. In fact, this one has been proven.

We commend polyphenols in oolong tea once again because they help to increase the amount of enzyme, which helps to metabolize the fat if you often drink it.

#4. Improve the immune system

The countries with the tea-drinking culture will have the low rate of disease, Japan, China, for example. Tea is one of the healthy foods, which contributes to decreasing the risk of diseases.

All teas, including oolong tea, bring the certain benefits if you drink regularly. The most effective one is to drink in the morning.

Product Reviews – The Best Oolong Tea Available on the Market Today

Product Name


Check Extra Price

Bigelow Chinese 20-Count Boxes Oolong Tea

The Republic of Traditional Chinese Tea Dragon Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea Formosa Organic 3 Oz

Prince of Peace Organic Oolong Tea

Caffeinated Chinese Oolong Tea 3oz

The combination of the bitter taste with the sweet taste creates the unique oolong tea. In addition to the health benefits, oolong teas are easy to drink. A cup in the morning is very good. Yes, here are the best oolong teas for those who are finding.

#1. Bigelow Chinese 20-Count Boxes Oolong Tea

The flavor variety of Chinese oolong is attracted you, isn’t it? So, you can try the Bigelow Chinese 20-Count oolong tea. It is provided with the distinctive flavor and the light taste, so you can be going to like.

This is a safe product for the health. You can feel secure when using because it is not composed of gluten, carbohydrates, or calories. Correspondingly, it also contributes to losing your weight.

Aside from that, the manufacturer is quite open-handed when providing 20 total tea bags. It makes sure that you can utilize all month whether you are a tea addict.

Although the name is Chinese oolong tea, the product is blended and packaged in America. Look at, it is packaged in a fresh way that allows protecting the distinctive flavor of the tea.

The tea leaves are grown in the high-elevation gardens, where is the best position to grow tea. That’s why this Chinese oolong tea is different. With a bag of Bigelow oolong tea, you can use all day, by sipping it in the boiled water.

Don’t have doubts about the health benefits of Bigelow Chinese oolong tea if you are looking for the healthy product. With the great antioxidants, you likely have peace of mind when using.

  • The wrapped bag to maintain freshness
  • It makes a very delicious hot tea
  • The benefit for weight loss when drinking in the morning regularly
  • The price is affordable
  • Very tasty
  • No bitter
  • It is actually delicious if drunk cold
  • The flavor has a little strong

#2. The Republic of Traditional Chinese Tea Dragon Oolong Tea

It has originated from Fujian province. The Republic of Traditional Chinese oolong tea promises to bring the healthy benefits to the consumers if they regularly drink every morning.

As its name, this is considered as the traditional China tea. Apart from owning the smoky aroma, you are still enjoyed the flowery flavor of the traditional oolong tea that has in each of the tea bags.

Where is this special aroma? Due to being grown on the hills, the oolong tea leaves have the full of the quintessence. Therefore, the smoky and earthy flavor is natural.

Similar to other oolong teas, the Republic Dragon oolong tea is also safe for the health because it says no to gluten, sugar, GMO, Kosher, and calorie. Besides, you do not need to worry about the amount of caffeine in this oolong tea. It is very low, so don’t cause insomnia.

You just need to boil the water and place a tea bag in there for 3-5 minutes. It allows you to enjoy all day. What simple! The product is safe for those who are allergic to caffeine.

  • The pleasant flavor
  • The effectiveness for weight-loss
  • The price is good
  • Excellent for iced tea
  • Very milky flavor
  • The blend is wonderful
  • The flavor seems light
  • Not quite the taste

#3. Oolong Tea Formosa Organic 3 Oz

Instead of Chinese oolong tea, you seem to prefer the taste of Taiwan oolong tea, right? Well, you can be going to like the Oolong Tea Formosa 3 OZ, which attracts the users, thanks to the fragrant flavor.

Another plus point is its purity. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has certified the Formosa oolong tea as the organic product. This is the combination of the green taste with the high content of antioxidants. Accordingly, your health will be ensured if you drink it every morning.

This oolong tea will contribute to keeping your body in the peak condition and preventing the general diseases because coming with the antioxidants is many different green tea compounds.

If you have the problems related to the product, you will receive the positive support from the manufacturer. In the worst case, you can get back your money. It means that your customer benefits are made sure.

The product is also a favorite option of those who do yoga, and meditation. It makes them concentrate. In the busy life, you need something that can keep your mind calm. So, if possible, let’s try a cup of Formosa oolong tea.

  • Nice tight tea buds
  • Very soft and smooth
  • Not bitter
  • The instructions are perfect
  • It brings the great feeling when using
  • The flavor seems light
  • It only provides a pale yellow-colored water

#4. Prince of Peace Organic Oolong Tea

Are you looking for the reliable brand of oolong tea? Here! Here! The Prince of Peace that is founded more 30 years is based in California, Hong Kong, Malaysia,… So, the quality is not likely to doubt.

The main ingredient in this oolong tea box is the oolong tea leaves, which are organic. This one means that they are 100 percent natural without including the harmful ingredients. The health problems will be ensured.

Due to being pure, its flavor is delicious and strong. Plus, the antioxidant ingredient in each of the tea bag will help to protect you from the general diseases.

Remember to consider the instructions before using. There is the recommendation from the manufacturer. One tea bag can make in a 6ft-oz cup. After adding the boiling water, leave for 3-5 minutes. By this way, you can use all day.

All in all, it is actually difficult to ignore this natural product. Don’t have the unhealthy ingredients. It is composed of the small bags inside, so it is easy to use. Is it right?

  • An affordable price
  • It is very mild
  • It is actually organic
  • Safe for people with kidney stones
  • No coffee or alcohol
  • Affect the weight loss
  • It has a strong caramel taste
  • Less taste and flavor

#5. Caffeinated Chinese Oolong Tea 3oz

If you are looking for the oolong tea that is imported from China, the Caffeinated Chinese Oolong Tea can be one of your ideal options. With the guarantee from the manufacturer, you can believe that this is a quality product.

Yes, it can say that the Caffeinated Oolong Tea is the special type. The rolled leaves with the characterized ingredients provide the jade color when you make.

Due to being pure and natural, the flavor that we provide is sweet, light, and fresh without including the artificial ingredients. Furthermore, it still brings an earthy aroma. You will feel as being immersed in nature.

Only with two teaspoons and 8oz of boiling water, for two minutes later, you will have a hot cup of oolong tea. Is it easy to use?

If you doubt about the caffeine intake, you do not need to worry because it is quite low. In comparison with café, it is not significant. Consequently, let’s add it your shopping list if you need something that is natural and healthy.

  • Flavorful, soothing, and delicious
  • Have the fragrant orchid-floral aroma when brewed
  • The color is great
  • It can help to reduce stress
  • Take multi-steeping well
  • It is organic
  • The packaging is not tight
  • The leaves are too mature

Final Thoughts

Drinking tea in every morning is a good habit. It can help improve the health and prevent the diseases. If you do not like the bit taste of green tea or the color of black tea, you can consider oolong tea – the combination of both.

As what we shared, the health benefits that oolong tea brings to the users are difficult to deny. Those who are looking for the healthy drinking are using them every day.

What about you? Our best oolong tea list can meet your need, can’t it? Are you considering the Bigelow Chinese 20-Count or Republic Dragon oolong tea? Yes, whatever what you select, you will also receive the certain benefits.


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