How to Get Rid of Gallstones Effectively

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For many years, many people have asked me a number of questions about their livers and their gallbladders. Especially, they are caring about how to get rid of gallstones successfully. It is very terrible to identify how many people have got the gallstones in their body. Therefore, you are highly recommended to eat healthily, eat fresh and eat clean. However, if you are eager to know how to expel the gallstones out of your body, you should hurry to read my sharing right now.

How to Get Rid of Gallstones

All of the following methods are very incredible and enable you to get rid of the gallstones naturally. However, you should not attempt them if you are very elderly or frail or if you are recovering from a serious illness. You should not try them if you are pregnant or feeding. And of course, you should not try them for a child who is under 7 years old.

Olive oil and lemons


The first remedy that you should think about is buying a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil as well as a plastic bags with full of lemons. The quantity is very arbitrary since some people have done a very good flush using a 100 milliliters of each. But other people tend to use 200 or 300 milliliters of each.

This depends on how big your body is. For instance, a 400-pound woman is always going to use a lot more than a 50-pound woman. As a result, if you are weighing 200 pounds and above, you are going to use 300 up to 320 milliliters. Otherwise, you can use about 250 milliliters if you are average.

In particular, the pure citrus juice can aggravate people with a very congested liver. They can cause headaches or even severe nausea. So, remember to buy the fresh lemons instead of the juice. Then, all you need to do is squeeze the lemons and put the juice into the container. After that, you need the equal quantity of olive oil.


Make sure to mix these two things together. And now, you need to schedule your time to do this flush. There is no point doing this in case you tend to attend a wedding in the next two days or go to Bali for a vacation.

Normally, Friday is a good choice, which gives you two days to recover. A good way to get this into your body is with a straw and sip it in small amounts. Some people gulp it all down, which is not a good idea in my opinion.

After an hour consuming this mixture, you can rest and go to bed at around 8 pm. Don’t forget to lie on the right side with your hip elevated with a pillow. This posture will allow the mixture to come in contact with sphincter as well as loosen up the area easily.

You may find a few funny sensations in the digestive region as it is contracting a little bit. Don’t worry since this is a good sign. Usually, people will wake up early in the morning and expel these stones out.

Before you lie down, a tip for the comfort is to get some castor oil. You can get a glass of that and warm it up in the pan. Then, you can take an old cloth and put it in this warm water. After that, you can apply it over the liver region on the right side. Get a bit of the clear wrap around two or three times and get ready to lie down. This will give you a digestive comfort.

If you get any pain or you feel a bit queasy, you should push your belly button in and hold it in for a minute. Sometimes, you need to rub lightly between the ribs when you find any tender spots. These actions can help to settle things down a little bit.

Believe in my method since you are not going to get very awful. I have advised many people, and most of them sail through this without any problems. You may get a little bit of diarrhea at most. Only a small percentage of people get strong nausea or vomiting from it.  

When you have passed out stuff, a good thing to do is wait a couple of weeks and attempt it again. You can do this flush 10, 15, or 20 times until you stop passing out junks.

Apple cider vinegar and apple juice

Another remedy on how to get rid of gallstones is apple cider vinegar. The acidic nature of this incredible liquid can prevent the liver from making cholesterol. It is responsible for forming the most common type of gallstones in your body. Moreover, it is able to dissolve the gallstones as well as increase your pain.


As a consequence, you need to prepare one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one glass of apple juice. Then, you can mix these things together and drink it when you suffer from the gallstone attack. This method can effectively reduce your pain in only 15 minutes.


If you do not have the apple juice, you can use the lemon juice as the similar replacement. Make sure to use two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of lemon juice. After that, you can add these two things into a glass of warm water.

You can drink this glass on an empty stomach in the morning on a regular basis. You can do this frequently in a week, and I am sure that you can dissolve the gallstones as well as ease your pain successfully.

Once you clean out or minimal pass out, how do you stop these things from coming back?

Well, you should not consume too much bar chocolate or the packets of chippies, which are considered as the high-fat dairy food. These fats can contribute to the gallstones easily. Therefore, start to eat a clean healthy diet including the nuts, the seeds, the berries, the clean vegetables, together with the healthy fruits.


That is how you are going to stop the recurrence of gallstones. I strongly believe that people with the healthy gallbladders tend to have a much better ability to metabolize the fat-soluble vitamins such as the A, D, E, and K. They are capable of breaking down the fats better since they have a stronger metabolic rate.


In summary, I hope that all of my sharing can give you an overview of how to get rid of gallstones efficiently by yourself. You can do these simple and easy tips at home without any difficulties. However, in case you have any queries or confusion, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.


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