How to Cleanse The Gallbladder? – A Natural Cure for Gallstone

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Gallbladder cleanse is a new term for people who have never had gallstones once in their lifetime. But gallstones are considered to be one of the most common diseases in the world. Hence, the high incidence makes you concerned about this illness.

And you wonder how to clean the gallbladder?, then this is where you belong to. Because in this article we will not only guide you how to get rid of gallstone but also give you an overview of gallstone disease. Open your record book and let’sget started.

Take a look at a gallbladder

#1. What is gallbladder?


The gallbladder is a pear-shaped pouch located beneath the liver and on the right of the belly.The gallbladder is a part of the biliary system. Its main function is the storage and concentrate of bile. Bile is a fluid that created by the liver and deals with breaking up and digesting fats in the small intestine.

According to Britain’s National Health Service, bile itself can move into the small intestine in other ways, gallbladder removal does not cause too much effect on the human health. Nonetheless, there is some disease related to the gallbladder that will be presented below.

#2. Gallbladder problem

Gallbladder problems are quite varied, though there are no dangerous warnings for these diseases. However, we should explore the threewell-known forms.

Cholecystitis is also known as “inflammation of the gallbladder” – described by Knowlton. It’s considered to be the most common disease of the gallbladder. It happens when gallstones obstruct the transportation between the ducks and the small intestine. Its symptoms don’t include upper abdominal pain only but also fever, nausea, and vomiting.

Choledocholithiasis is the “presence of at least one gallstone in the common bile duct,” according to Penn Medicine. It can harper the bile flowing and turn the gallbladder into inflaming or distending.

Acalculous gallbladder disease happens without the appearance of gallstone, speaking at the University of Maryland Medical Center meeting. Unstable gallbladder muscles or valve activities are the causes of this disease, especially patients with serious disorders are more likely develop.

Why do you need to cleanse your gallbladder?

So we have understood the concept as well as many diseases of the gallbladder. So why do we have to clean the gallbladder? Please check this section as this will be the reason for your action.


#1. What is a gallbladder cleanse?

A gallbladder cleanse or a gallbladder flush is a natural treatment for removing the gallstones out of the body instead of surgery. Gallstones here are basically “stones” right inside the gallbladder or bile. This cure is a combination of eating or drinking herbs, olive oil and some fruit juices in a course at least two days and especially during this time you are prohibited from all kinds of food. Since this method is produced by many different sources of information, there is no certain standard for the cleansing formula.

#2. Reasons to do a gallbladder cleanse

As you can know, pushing gallstones out of the gallbladder is the task of the gallbladder cleanse. The gallstones themselves are the cause of this remedy. The gallbladder stones are formed when the gallbladder contains much more cholesterol than the bile that can be dissolved. The size of a gallstone can be as big as a baseball or as small as a grain of dust.

This abnormal structure leads to sudden pain after eating especially heavy meals. Painful periods range from a few minutes to several hours. Worse, nausea, vomiting, pain in the upper right side of the abdomen, pale skin are also the symptoms of this disease. Assumed like a heart attack - according to The University of California, San Francisco Department of Surgery, the removal of gallstones from the body is essential.

Advocates of this method argue that gallbladder cleanse helps smash the gallstones and stimulate the gallbladder to discharge in feces. A large amount of olive oil, repeated in the gallbladder cleansing preparations, has an aperient effect. They are satisfied with this treatment at home without having to go through procedural procedures.

#3. Caution

The effectiveness is undeniable, but there is no real evidence for the prevention or treatment of gallstone or any other disease by this method.Moreover, the process of cleaning the gallbladder still has some complications. The unexpected symptoms are diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, or abdominal pain, etc. You may consider whether you are allergic to any herbal found in the ingredients or not.

In addition, talking with your specialist about medical cure such as removal surgery, sound waves or bile salt tables is recommended if your gallstone needs the treatment or you have another illness.Special attention should be paid to pregnant women, children, the elderly, the weak people.

How to cleanse the gallbladder?

The reason for cleansing the gallbladder is clear and all you need to do is watch this out.

#1. Ingredients

  • check
    Plenty of an apple juice (malic acid supplements for more option)
  • check
    Epsom Salts ~ 4 tablespoons
  • check
    Virgin Olive Oil ~ half cup (½)
  • check
    Grapefruit juice ~ 1 bottle or 3 fresh lemons.

#2. Step by Step Instruction

  • 1
    For 5 days before your cleansing day, try to drink the apple juice or eat the apple as many as possible. Or you can replace by other malic acid supplements in case you can’t stand the juice. In the last 3 days, drink 220 ml (~ 8 oz) of apple cider every 3 hours. This step ensures the success of your gallbladder cleanse.
  • 2
    On day 6, support yourself a light breakfast with little to no fat. By doing this step, your gallbladder will endure a pressure and allow more gallstones to be flushed
  • 3
    On the same day at 2pm, blend 3 cups of water with 4 tablespoons of Epsom salts, then pour this combination into some jar. Do not consume any food or drink after doing this step. Please note this carefully. Freeze this jar in the fridge or the cooler.
  • 4
    At 6pm, drink ¾ cup of this jar. If you can’t tolerate the bad taste of this mixture, you can add a small scoop of vitamin C powder for better enjoyment.
  • 5
    At 8pm, try another ¾ cup of this jar. Apart from lying down and sleeping, you are not allowed to do anything.
  • 6
    At 9:46pm, split a half of your virgin olive oil cup into that mixture.Remove pulp after squeezing the grapefruit by using fork or chopsticks and then mix with the jar. Mix the olive oil with ½ or ¾ cups of grapefruit juice. Close this mixture and shake strongly until it turns into a liquid.
  • 7
    At 10 pm drink that liquid. To get it down easily, try to use a large straw. This process mustn’t cost more than 5 minutes. After that, lie down as soon as possible unless your gallbladder cleanse will success. Instead of doing your work, put your head on a high pillow, close your eyes and try to imagine something fun. Keep your pose stay still for at least 21 minutes. And let your great dreams comfort your feeling.
  • 8
    At 6 am next morning, drink 3 doses of Epsom salts. It’s okay if you can’t wake up on time, but do not drink the potion before 6 am. Satisfy yourself if you’re still sleepy. Two hours later, drink one last dose of Epsom salts. You can start eating at least two hours after this. You’re supposed to eat water, fruit juices at first. When you feel better, you can take a light meal without fat and grease.

* You need at least 2 days to fully recover. And at least 4 days to eat greasy foods. Because of a healthy diet, I recommend eating high-fat foods after you have fully recovered.


How to clean the gallbladder? I believe you got a clear answer. With the information contained in the article, you can also conduct this method at home in the most effective way. Health is a matter of choice, not a mystery of chance – by Aristotle. Let me know your suggestion or comments by leaving messages under this post. Have a good day!


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