How To Choose The Best Whole Food Multivitamin?

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The ingredients contained in whole food vitamins originate from the natural state of foods, consisting of concentrated portions of vegetables and whole fruits, not synthetic extracts. Thus, whole food vitamins are very beneficial to our body since they keep the vitamins and nutrients intact.

On selecting a multivitamin, you will need an ideal product, which is easily digestible, pure and filled with nutrients. For this reason, the whole food organic supplements have become more and more popular.

However, you may wonder which are the best whole food multivitamin? Therefore, in this post, I will share you useful information about this great supplement.

Why should you use whole food multivitamin?

According to a research of the Permanente Journal, plant-based diet and whole foods can enhance cardiovascular health. In addition, research done by Nutritional Diabetes proves that consuming whole foods helps us manage our weight as well as promote our cholesterol levels and BMI. So, there are two reasonable reasons for you to consider about switching to the whole food multivitamins (including eating whole foods, generally).

Besides, whole food multivitamins include more natural and less synthetic ingredients. “I also encourage whole food multivitamins’ consumption over a more human-made and synthetic product, just as I encourage you to consume whole foods over a supplement,” said Jim White, owner, and RD of Jim White Nutrition and Fitness Studio.

“It is depended on the skin of various vegetables and fruits included in those wholesome supplements,” added Mr. White. “This’s essential as the skin of most vegetables and fruits is usually where the major part of their nutrients are contained.”

For those who are searching for ingredients derived from plants, whole food multivitamins will be an ideal option. Plenty of them utilizes plant-based capsules (just as cellulose), rather than other multivitamins, which use the gelatin derived from the animal.

Who benefits from using whole food organic multivitamins?

Supplementation with multivitamins is very beneficial to many people. A study reveals that most of US adults do not meet their suggested doses of top 10 nutrients for every day, consisting of iron, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamin A.

If you are having a diet, which includes small amounts of vegetables and fruits and a lot of junk foods, then, adding multivitamins to your diet is such a great idea.

Even if you are trying your best to consume a nutritionally complete and balanced diet, or if you are having some medical conditions, which impede absorption, such as food allergies or dietary restrictions, then, whole food multivitamins can be helpful.

Those who have many problems with immune systems, like the elderly, also receive significant benefits from using extra vitamins like vitamin C, B6, and E because they are great boosters for the immune system.

However, multivitamins should not be used as a replacement for healthy diets. Consuming multivitamin doesn’t mean that you can escape intake of processed junk foods.

With plenty of supplements available on the marketplace, many people may forget the basics of exercise, proper diets and health. I’m not slating the supplements, in fact, they are beneficial. But a lot of people think about those supplements as wonderful cures for all of their problems without considering the rest of the intake.

According to US Department of Health and Human Service, the need for nutrition should come from foods. Nevertheless, as about 50% of America adults suffer from many chronic diseases, which are caused by their poor diets, then supplementing with whole food multivitamins is an ideal stopgap until they are able to amend their diets to meet suggested guidelines.

How tochoose whole food multivitamin?

The best whole food multivitamin must obey some specific standards. High-quality supplements always come with a certificate of analysis, especially, if they are manufactured in the USA.  This certification proves that those supplements have been carefully tested with relevant guidelines for compliance.

Another feature that you need to consider when purchasing any supplements is their list of ingredients. All of their ingredients should be unprocessed, natural form without any synthetically produced elements. A lot of natural supplement companies have statements that describe the whole production chain – from growing raw materials to the way of the product’s arrival in the shopping basket. This unquestionably instills confidence.

I have tried a lot to choose a suitable brand, which not only comes from the US but also has long track record of manufacturing high-quality supplements and a good reputation.

I also take a look at all the whole food multivitamins available in the marketplace and choose my own top 5 products. I also list some of their pros and cons and share my overall favorite one at the end of this article.

5 best whole food multivitamins reviews

#1. Whole Food Multivitamin Plus – Vegan

You don’t want to take pills or multiple vitamins many times a day just to get enough needed substances for the best health. You want to find other greater way. One good news for you, Daily Whole Food Multivitamin Plus is an ideal assistant to help you get all minerals and vitamins that you need just with one dose per day.

This product is made of 100% natural and vegan vegetables and organic fruits without GMO, eggs, dairy, gluten, wheat, fillers, soy, shellfish, gelatin, preservatives, and coloring.

The multivitamin can be used for both men and women. It provides all of the needed nutrition in a daily requirement, such as vitamin C, vitamin D3-K2, vitamin e, vitamin b-complex, iron, biotin and some extra ones.

Also, it supports many systems in the body well. In which are bones, heart, immune system, and brain with lots of necessary vitamins from A to D and K, L-Arginine HCL L-Carnitine, CoQ10, Turmeric and minerals. Especially, it doesn’t contain any kind of artificial ingredients, flavoring, coloring, GMO, preservatives, wheat, gluten, milk, nuts, shellfish, eggs, gelatin or soy. Let try our product once; we make sure that you will be totally satisfied. That’s a great way to care for your health. Just click add while they still on sale.


  • Improve immune system with 23 minerals and vitamins as well as 3-strain probiotic; make sure to help you have a complete vitality and wellbeing.
  • Mental clarity. With its help, your brain is active during the day.
  • Lasting energy with minerals, B-complex vitamins, and antioxidants; helping to boost the health of the heart.
  • No coloring, flavoring, and artificial ingredients.
  • No preservatives.
  • USA-standard manufacture.


  • Except for the green pee, it does a good job of what it says.

#2. Wholefood Power Daily Multivitamins and Minerals for Men and Women

Are you looking for a great wholesome multivitamin which doesn’t have any filler? You are wanting to lose weight and don’t want that using daily dose prevent you. In that case, an ideal solution for you is the Wholefood Power Men and Women Multivitamin and Minerals which can boost your health as well as keep your fitness.

This product provides you all of the powerful, basis and needed nutrients and high-quality multivitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, D3 and vitamin K2. Also, it supports extra nutrients of over 30 vegetables and fruits which are 100% natural.

Wholefood Power helps to increase the immune system and improve your heart health. Particular, it contains cog10 (a vital natural antioxidant) which is extremely important to produce energy and active probiotics; contributing to improve the digestive system.

Clarity and energy focus. With Biotin and B-complex vitamins, the energy can be boosted to keep brain focused as well as support the metabolism. The product is totally vegan and made in the USA, especially no GMO.


  • Containing crucial vitamin A, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2.
  • No GMO.
  • GMP and USA-standard manufacture.
  • Soy free and gluten free.


  • Adults will take three capsules per day; the best is after eating.

#3. Whole Food MultiVitamin and Minerals with Probiotic Enzymes

This multivitamin contains Minerals and Probiotic Blend of over 30 Natural Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs which surely provide you needed nutrients for optimal health.

It can make you feel healthier, stronger and get more energetic. It is because of a richness of minerals and vitamins in food.

With a high amount of vitamin B-12, vitamin D and vitamin C, many body systems can be improved, such as bones, heart, digestive and immune system, hormone and nervous system.

Moreover, it has a high ability of easily absorbing and digesting due to the probiotics and plant-based enzymes.

Great value: with 120 capsules which are totally vegan used in 40 days, you will completely get all of the crucial vitamins and minerals.

For a normal human body, to be effectively active in a day, it needs supplying lots of essential nutrients from simple to complex. If there’s any deficiency of these crucial minerals or vitamins, your body will not produce enough energy to perform. As a result, the effect of working will decrease. And of course, it’s not the thing you expect!


  • Providing extra vitamin B which boosts the energy production in your body.
  • Improving cardiovascular health.
  • Containing crucial fish oils which support joint care.
  • 100% safe and 100% natural.
  • USA-standard manufacture.
  • No preservatives, artificial and GMO.


  • It would be best if its size were smaller. Overall, its ingredients are good.

#4. Dr. Tobias Multivitamin for Women and for Men

This natural vitamin and premium are great for both men and women at any age wanting to have a good health.

It contains lots of basic and needed nutrients of 42 different fruits and vegetables.

Every tablet provides you strong antioxidants helping you avoid damage from free radicals. Besides, it also enhances the collagen production and improves the skin health, giving you a younger-looking.

This product is packed with many vitamins, such as C, B6, and B12 as well as a richness of minerals helping you reduce the stress from the environment. Furthermore, it also supports body systems, such as bones, hearth, digestive and immune systems, hormones and nervous systems.


  • GMP and USA-standard manufacture.
  • Contains lots of nutrients of about 42 raw vegetables and fruits.
  • Probiotics and plant-based enzymes support the digestive system well.
  • Supporting many different kinds of body systems.


  • Before using, customers should ask their doctor for advice about their current health.
  • Should be used with a full glass of water.
  • Don’t overuse.

#5. New Chapter Every Man's One Daily

Are you finding any kind of multivitamin that’s suitable for men? But first, you need to tell apart the raw and USP multivitamins, wholefood fermented and gummy vitamins.

This product uses the ingredients of high-quality and contains only nutrients. It’s no gelatin and no artificial sweeteners gummies.

The wholefood fermented vitamin contains excessive vitamins B which is an essential multi-taskers. They support you much from mood and cognitive function to the production of energy as well as heart health. Also, it does a great job of supporting body systems, such as immune, heart, stress, and energy which are really crucial for men.

They can be used at any time in the day and evenly without needing to eat fully.


  • Made of herbs and certified organic vegetables.
  • Essential for men.
  • Containing useful wholefoods and probiotics.
  • Can be used at any time and even before eating.
  • No extra sugar.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • The bottom line

Bottom line

Whole food multivitamin will be an ideal choice for you; however, you must remember that it can’t completely replace the various foods you eat. You should combine both of them at the same time. This is to make sure to give you the best result.

On the whole, they all can fill you deficiency in nutrients as well as provide needed minerals and nutrients in the daily requirements.


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