How To Choose The Best Liquid Vitamins On The Market?

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Nowadays, you can easily find many distinct kinds of vitamins supplements on the market. Of all the tablets, capsules and pills, liquid vitamins are the most popular. Liquid multivitamins, which are digested willingly by your body, less breaking down than other supplement forms. If you focus on nutrition and quality, some brands are more outstanding than others.

This is what you demand/require to get the best liquid vitamins.

Why liquid vitamins are the top choice for digestion

The main difference between normal liquid vitamins and the best ones lays in how easy they are digested. The answer is the best liquid vitamins as in broken-down form, are much easier digested by the stomach and intestines. They are then absorbed faster in the blood stream and thus, starting to make good impact to your body.

You can find many types of research whose content is on the tablet of the vitamin. Some say that nutrition in those liquid vitamins is frequently not absorbed and is basically passed through the body.

It is suggested that the best liquid vitamin requires going with other constituents to break them down then digest them. Furthermore, vitamins in raw forms are said to be more difficult to absorb in the body, so it is necessary to add sugars or other substances to break them down.

These solutions can also be solved by some of the best liquid vitamins, which can be used as a seasoning in fruit juices. These fibers, sugars and other elements are necessary to help your body absorb vitamins totally. It is proved by plenty of thought and science that the construction of liquid vitamin is the easiest nutrition for your body to digest.   

Now, please see these examples to find out the best effect of Nutrisorb® liquid supplements:

9 Reasons Why You Should Take Liquid Vitamins Or Minerals

Liquid vitamin and minerals are the better way for your body digestion and absorbance. So we need our nutritional support to be flexible, and what better way than to choose liquid vitamin and minerals! The need of more zinc or vitamin C or something like that at a point of time to intense body’s immunity is real. 

Some people want special nutrients like folic acid in methyfolate form, which can be digested more easily.

While others such as elderly or children find it is hard when taking capsules or tablets or their body cannot digest some nutrients as easily as other. 

In some cases, people who in treatment impacting stomach digest vitamin B12 harder or person with gall bladder’s problems will prevent the body to absorb vitamin D. In some case; it is required to use pure and simply nutritious substances for people with allergies problem.

  • High efficiency – excellent efficiency with every kinds of liquid.
  • Pure – the least complicated production, often in clean and clear water or essence bases, which contain non-allergic substances and ordinary to maintain their freshness.
  • Strongly absorbable – your body will digest the liquid vitamin in the simplest, quickest and easiest way.

  • Friendly user with your body – choosing only the most nutritious foods which are bioavailable and easily-accepted.

  • Flexible nutritious food – it is possible to mix these nutrients with a shot to meet your requirement.

  • Malleable doses – whatever you need, with the liquid form you always can take it exactly, it is so different from sprays or capsules ones.

  • Easy to use – you can use them in whatever way you want, drink it alone, take them with any kinds of foods or any kinds of drink, put it under the tongue.

  • User-friendly – because being stored in convenient small bottles, it is easy for “take away”.

  • Shape – For people who don’t prefer capsules or tables because of swallowing problems like children, elderly or patients with digestive problems and absorption matters, this is the best choice.

How to choose the liquid vitamins?

  • First, get advice from the doctor. Vitamins in liquid form can cause conflict with some prescribed drug in treatment. Before beginning a different multivitamin procedure, check your physical conditions first.
  • Examine fundamental liquid-form vitamins. Recipe promoting energy, weight loss, and heart health will be more expensive, but many of them are allowed to be untested and not as beneficial as the higher amount.

  • Not purchase authentic. The effectiveness of product brands is equal to their more valuable complement. For instance, some popular supplement brand such as Costco's Kirkland, Walmart's Equate or Target's up&up have tested their vitamins strictly and in the label, the nutritious substances in these vitamin is showed and melted perfectly.

  • It is necessary to intense calcium as well as vitamin D in your body. It is recommended that you should boost up these two nutritious substances. In case of low-multination situation, think to change or get your doctor’s advice on extra supplementation.

  • Measure similar commodity. Percentage of nutritious substances in chewable, sticky and liquid-form vitamins is different based on their shape. Analyze labels before purchasing.

  • Be careful on the expiry period. It is spontaneous to list expiry period. However, it is mentioned in almost supplement’s label by manufactures. 

  • Be selective in case you're a vegetarian person. Some brands contain substances made from beef or pork, fish oils. Vitamin D3 is usually taken from lanolin, which is not suitable for a vegetarian person. Check the label carefully whether is for vegetarianism or not; in case this information is not mentioned, consider it is not the right products for strict vegetarianism

5 best liquid vitamins reviews

#1. Advanced Liquid Multivitamin for Men & Women by Bio Naturals

With more than 200 nutrients mixed into just one supplement, consisting of 8 complexes and mixtures, your body is definitely added with nutritional substances in order to study and work more efficiently with the help of Advanced Liquid Multivitamin for Men & Women.

This product is specially formulated with an advanced absorbing liquid formula; thus, it will help your body to fully absorb most of the wonderful minerals as well as vitamins.

Unlike many kinds of pills, which are considered to be quite difficult for your body to absorb, consuming this multivitamin will encourage your own body to make full use of this advanced absorbing liquid formula easily. In fact, it can absorb up to 8 times better than many other common products.

You don’t have to worry about unsafe products because every ingredient existing in this supplement is totally natural and made from organic sources. You may rest assured that this superior absorbing liquid formula does not include any artificial flavors or colors, soy, gluten, chemicals, GMOs and is completely vegetarian.


  • All minerals are extracted from plants and chelated for advanced absorption
  • Improves cardiovascular health, supports liver and detox
  • Contains no soy, no GMOs, and no sugar
  • Folic acid is completely extracted from organic lemon peel
  • If the product does not satisfy your expectation, we guarantee your money is totally back


  • Its taste is like fruit pulp

#2. Sublingual Vitamin B12 Liquid Drops (Methylcobalamin) Vegan - Increase Energy and Speed Up Metabolism Fast - 2 oz

The Methylcobalamin (also known as Methyl B12) has an impact on forming the red blood cell. In reality, the red blood cell contains a kind of protein, hemoglobin, which stimulates the process of carrying oxygen to provide your body with energy. Additionally, it encourages iron to work much better in your body to gain extra energy.

This kind of product consists of B12 sublingual that also contributes to break down and produce dopamine. Dopamine, known as a neurotransmitter, takes the main responsibility for transmitting signs in among nerve cells in your brain.

This is a wonderful supplement which has fast effects and reasonable price. The dose is about ¼ teaspoon sublingual; hence, the bottle can last for a great while. I believe that it is nearly 98 portions. Another plus point for this great product is that it does not completely contain alcohol in the components.

Using this product, your body is easy to assimilate, digest, and absorb to the optimal benefits of your health. Meanwhile, taking some pills that consist of binders, fillers, and any other ingredients might take more time of yours to digest.


  • Ideal for improving memory and supporting nerves
  • Easy to consume and has a nice taste
  • 60-day money back warranty


  • Using this product might make you always hungry, so it’s best to consume it at night

#3. Mega Premium Liquid Multivitamin- Natural anti-aging formula w/15 Vitamins, 70 Minerals, 21 Amino Acids, CoQ10 & Organic Aloe Vera

I decided to order this wonderful product as I am really tired of capsules or vitamins pills. And I just want some liquid vitamins which have a great number of minerals. This multivitamin really meets my expectation. Indeed, it is easy to consume and has nice taste. From now on, there will no longer pills that are hard to digest.

This Tropical Oasis Liquid Multivitamin is considered to be an "Energetic Multivitamin." It is specially formulated with more than 110 components consisting of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and some components specifically dealing with aging.

CoQ10 is truly an essential nutrient that is made by your own body. It helps your cells to produce more energy. When we get elder, the content of CoQ10 in our body decreases dramatically, especially in your heart. Therefore, using CoQ10 helps the level of CoQ10 to be always maintained steadily. This product is highly recommended for anyone who suffers from hypertension.

PABA that is available in some kinds of foods like grains or livers helps to offer amazing benefits hardly obtainable from many other nutrients. It is undeniable that PABA is vital for the health of skin as well as hair pigment. Besides, as mixed with another vitamin B, it may help to restore the color of hair.

Another special point I highly appreciate is that I even CAN combine these with a glass of fruit juice or a smoothie, but it cannot change the original taste considerably.

After just a few weeks of use, I have recommended these perfect products to my family. As a biochemist, I believe that this is 3rd and trustworthy party examined and certified, particularly written on the label of the product is what it actually contains. Additionally, there is absolutely no added material that is not allowed to be available there.


  • This product can be combined with a smoothie or a fruit juice
  • Easy to consume, tastes good
  • GMP certified
  • As mixing PABA with vitamin B, it might help to restore the color of your hair


  • Gives nicer tastes when mixed with orange juice

#4. Complete Natural Products Liver Multi Vitamin Supplements

Complete Natural Products Liver Multi Vitamin Supplements is a perfect product that provides everything your body needs for better health. This kind of product is formulated right in the USA and use the best quality components.

Each component available in this product is harshly examined by in-house quality control department in order to make sure that you can get the optimal liquid vitamins.

A really great point about this multivitamins lies in the fact that it has an impact on the high sugar levels in your blood. As your liver is clean, it functions and works much more efficiently. In addition, it also helps to release strain from the pancreas; thus the sugar level in your blood is improved.

I myself always take this liquid vitamins every morning when my stomach is empty, and you can really feel something different happening, particularly if you do 2/3oz at a time. The pancreas, as well as livers, are vital to cleanse and heal for sugar in the blood. For they regulate, balance that.

If you have experienced such a really tough time with liquids. You will definitely no longer worry about that. In reality, it tastes like a fruit juice with just a little bite because of the apple cider vinegar. Let’s add some water or juice. It will become very smooth and liquid. This is not a heavy pulp drink.


  • Comes from natural components
  • Liquid concentrate
  • Non-surgical method
  • This product helps to clean your livers and pancreas effectively; thus, your body has better smell
  • Contains milk thistle, which helps your livers always clean


  • This product is not used to diagnose, cure or treat any disease.

#5. Max B-ND TM, 2 fl oz, Vegan Product - Probiotic-Fermented Vitamin B Complex Formula for Dynamic Liver, Energy, Brain and Mood Support

This kind of liquid vitamin is considered as a nutritional supplement – the first product contains probiotic-fermented vitamin B. This product consists of a rich-energy vitamin B complex that helps to give the superior nutritional support.

This special formula provides superior support for your liver, energy levels, immune system, mood balance, as well as adrenal glands. This high-quality product is fermented by using a distinctive probiotic method which permits quick delivery through mouth with advanced bio-energetic ingredients. Many consumers say that they can totally feel the great impact of this kind of product when using it at the first time.


  • Artificial preservatives, flavorings, or colors are difficult to be found in this formula
  • Ingredient Certified
  • This formula contains probiotic-Fermented Vitamin B Complex - Dynamic Liver, Energy, Brain and Mood Support
  • Available from natural health professionals. Call (800) 325-7734 to find one in your area.
  • The "Advanced Quality Effect


  • It is important to read directions, labels, and warnings before using or consuming a product

Bottom line

When selecting liquid vitamins, I think the most important thing you often consider is whether a product is pure, easily digestible and packed with nutrients or not. The five products above are the best ones available on the market that you should take into consideration.

It is highly recommended that you should update the information of above products every day as they become more and more expensive. However, many people nowadays often use supplements for amino acids as well as brain health. And indeed, these liquid multivitamins contain everything in just one capsule.

Thus, as for those who get into a habit of using numerous supplements, these kinds of products could be considered a great choice so as to get everything at the same time.


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