How To Choose The Best Green Tea Pills?

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Green tea is one of my favorite drinks, but I sometimes have little time to enjoy it. Instead, I usually choose green tea pills

Not only do green tea pills contain most benefits of the tea, but they also help you save a lot of time. That is the reason why they are considered the most convenient choice as well as preferred drink for busy people. In addition, it helps provide you with vitamins every day.

Green tea tablets may be different a lot in terms of quality and price, so you are advised to do research carefully before making a decision.

How to choose the green tea pills?

If you want to choose green tea pills with high quality and reasonable price, below are five key points you should know to avoid choosing wrongly.

#1. EGCG

The catechin epigallocatechin gallate (or known as EGCG) is considered the one that contains most benefits among 4 catechins found in green tea.

It is common that most of green tea pills also include EGCG because it is seen as a potent antioxidant. So, it is necessary to get the exact amount of EGCG present in each capsule. If you run into a pill that contains no EGCG, it is better to throw it away.

Although the supplement of EGCG is good for your health, remember that you are absolutely not allowed to use more than the recommended level per day.

Recommended daily allowance:

A person is advised not to use more than 4.54 mg per pound of the body weight (4.54 mg x body weight in lbs) or 10 mg per kilogram of body weight (10 mg x body weight in kg) on average.

For instance, if your weight is about 110 lbs or 50 kg, then the amount of green tea extract you consume per day should not exceed 500 mg.

In general, no matter how much your body weighs, it is suggested to consume under 750 mg a day.

#2. Theanine

L - Theanine is a type of amino acid found in black tea and green tea. L – Theanine is used to lessen the negative effects of caffeine as well as reduce stress.

#3. Caffeine

Caffeine is found naturally available in green tea. According to some studies, caffeine present in green tea brings about some certain benefits, especially for those who want to lose weight.

However, you also should be careful with some supplements which include the high content of caffeine. Maybe you do not want too much caffeine in your tea, but you do not necessarily choose decaffeinated or caffeine-free tea.

One thing you should remember is that the recommended amount of caffeine for consumption per day is not more than 200 mg. 

#4. Other ingredients

It is obvious that in addition to beneficial ingredients, green tea pills also contain some unwelcome ingredients including preservatives. So, it is suggested to look for the type of supplement with few undesirable ingredients.

#5. Quality

In general, the green tea with the best quality is usually reserved with whole leaf tea being bagged. The most popular ingredients to produce supplements are the broken leftovers, stems and leaf pieces.

It is better to buy tea produced by reputable manufacturers which use the extract of whole leaf green tea. However, you should be careful with some advertisements or claims by some green tea producers because they sometimes are not completely true.

What are the benefits of Green Tea pills?

As you may know that extract vitamins of green tea help provide your body with many health benefits.

#1. Weight Loss

Generally, green tea pills are known to include many catechins and a certain amount of caffeine. It is surprising that the combination of two types of ingredients may help you lose weight if you are concerned about your weight.

The reason for this is that both caffeine and catechins have been proven to be able to make positive effects on losing weight. The two types of ingredients are responsible for controlling the hormones which function promoting the process of thermogenesis.

When you exercise or do some action, your body needs energy to do it. At that time, a certain amount of calories will be burnt to perform all activities of your body, even simple ones such as digesting food. This process at which such activities occur is called thermogenesis.

Based on some studies, you can promote this process by burning more calories if you consume more green tea. This will help you lose weight more effectively.

One study carried out on 14 people has shown this clearly. In this study, before meals, those people would take a capsule that includes three ingredients which are guarana extract, EGCG taken from green tea, and caffeine. Then, the effects of those ingredients on the process of calorie burning would be measured.

After 24 hours, the participants were found that on average, they burned 179 more calories compared to people who did not use such ingredients.

#2. Diabetes

In addition to helping lose weight, green tea is also useful in controlling the amount of sugar in blood. People who have suffered from the type – 1 diabetes usually do not produce enough insulin for use by themselves. Insulin is a type of hormone which performs the function of converting food such as glucose and starches into energy to serve daily activities.

Besides, green tea is also able to help control glucose. According to some clinical studies carried out in a small scale, adding the green tea extract powder to your diet every day will help reduce the level of hemoglobin A1c for people who have a risk of suffering from diabetes.

#3. Cancer Prevention

It is common knowledge that the main reason leading to cancer is the uncontrolled increase in cells, which results in free radicals in our body. After free radicals are created, they will react to each other freely. This makes favorable conditions for cancer cells to develop and it is very difficult to control their growth.

Antioxidants found in green tea will help prevent negative impacts of oxidants which assist the growth of cancer cells. Besides, some researchers also say that green tea contains polyphenols that preclude the development of cancer cells in the body.

Green tea pills can assist in stopping:   
  • check
    Breast Cancer
  • check
    Bladder Cancer 
  • check
    Colorectal Cancer
  • check
    Ovarian Cancer
  • check
    Esophageal Cancer
  • check
    Pancreatic Cancer
  • check
    Lung Cancer 
  • check
    Prostate Cancer
  • check
    Skin Cancer
  • check
    Stomach Cancer

#4. Lessen Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Today, the most popular reason for death all over the world is supposedly cardiovascular diseases including stroke and heart disease. Some studies have indicated that green tea is able to reduce the potential risk of catching such diseases that are caused by some main factors such as triglyceride, LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol.

Furthermore, green tea is also used to considerably improve the antioxidant ability of blood. This will prevent the oxidation of the LDL cholesterol particles, which can lead to heart disease.

With the help of beneficial factors, the risk of heart disease is reduced significantly. So, it comes as no surprise that the risk of cardiovascular disease of people who drink green tea is lower 31 percent compared to those who do not.  

5 best green tea pills reviews

Product Name


Check Extra Price

Green Tea Extract Supplement with EGCG for Weight Loss

Green Tea Extract Supplement EGCG for Healthy Weight Loss by Great Source Nutrition

NOW Green Tea Extract 400 mg, 250 Veg Capsules

Nature's Bounty Green Tea Extract, 315mg, 100 Capsules (Pack of 2)

Best Green Tea Extract (NON GMO) 120 Capsules With High Potency EGCG For Weight Loss & Metabolism Boost

#1. Green Tea Extract Supplement with EGCG for Weight Loss

Zenwise Health's Advanced Green Tea Extract is a unique combination of vitamin C and decaffeinated extracted from Green Tea. This special formula assists you to lose weight, cut down on cholesterol and provide you with a healthier life regardless of you are a man or a woman.

I will give you more information so that you can deeply understand this point. In fact, Green tea extract accompanied with vitamin C work as increasing antioxidant protection, which protects you from harmful radicals doing harm to your immune system.

Another bonus point is that this effective 725 milligrams of free-caffein Green tea diffuse fat-burning into your body, thus you will soon have a slimmer shape. In addition, it also functions as controlling your energy levels and problems related to heart health.

You can be sure that these vegetable capsules do not contain any wheat, egg, milk peanut, shellfish or soy. This Advanced Green Tea Extract is composed of the most effective and safest organic ingredients.

Zenwise Health's Advanced Green Tea Extract embraces EGCG, which eases your tension about aging. The EGCG is well-known for its power fighting with radicals and aging. Thanks to this incredible ingredient, it will leave you looking healthier and happier than ever before.

You can absolutely enjoy the feeling of safeness when you use this product. The reason lies in the fact that supplements are extracted in FDA-approved facilities, a place which has received both NSF and GMP certification.


  • Assists you to reduce your level of cholesterol so that you can lose your weight.
  • Improves the function of healthy cardiovascular
  • Contains antioxidants which strengthen the immune system
  • Well-known for the anti-aging advantages offered by EGCG
  • The formula is allergen-friendly


  • Make sure you drink the pill after eating. I had to suffer from nause when I didn't eat enough with it.

#2. Green Tea Extract Supplement EGCG for Healthy Weight Loss by Great Source Nutrition

Green Tea Extract Supplement EGCG is famous for its powerful anti-oxidant. So, where does this wonderful thing come from? The answer lies in EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) and the polyphenols catechins which exist in green tea extract.

These ingredients are helpful antioxidants that reduce the construction and development of free radicals in your body, as well as keeping particles and cells under protection.

This tea contains a little amount of caffeine. However, it does not bring you “jittery” result. However, it provides you with gentle power across the day.

Amino acid L-theanine, an important ingredient in this Green Tea, coming with caffeine, synergistically enhances your brain function and mood.  What’s  more, L-theanine improves the process of neurotransmitter GABA, which generates anti-anxiety effects. Furthermore, it both increases dopamine and manufactures alpha waves that directly affect your mind.

Another bonus point is that these green tea pills enhance metabolism and assist you to lose weight faster. In addition to this, green tea also contains thermogenic properties and boosts fat oxidation to turn food into your own energy.

You should take one capsule in the morning and one more in the afternoon to get great results. Furthermore, you are advised to drink it with something hot or with your cherished smoothies.


  • Pills are suitable for price.
  • Enhances brain function
  • This product is surely guaranteed
  • Ease your body’s physiological response to tension.


  • The effects may be different with each as you know, nobody is the same.

#3. NOW Green Tea Extract 400 mg, 250 Veg Capsules

These capsules assist you in reducing natural fat, as well as improving your metabolism. It is absolutely an ideal addition to daily intake of food. I have to confess that I’m a quite athletic person and do not want to use any supplements, however, I think that this addition is a must-have ingredient.

While using this supplement, I did not feel like eating too much as I used to and I only ate a moderate amount of food. Nonetheless, I love this product because it still supplies me with enough energy.

I strongly recommend this product because each capsule is equal to from 2 to 3 cups of traditionally brewed green tea. Only by buying a bottle, you can use in 6 months with 180 capsules of green tea extract.

Each capsule includes 4 mg of caffeine and decaffeinated green tea. Additionally, it also contains other 4 ingredients. You do not have to worry because it does not contains sugar, salt, gluten, soy, egg, shellfish, and preservatives.

Last but not least, all of ingredients are made in the United States.


  • Ideal for controlling your appetite.
  • Protect against oxidative stress and supports a healthy response to normal metabolic stress
  • It keeps me calm down and be focused.
  • Aids in protecting your metabolism and burning natural fat


  • According to some reviewers, this supplement can lead to nausea
  • In order to get an expected result and minimize side effects, you are advised to eat with a meal or snack before taking it. In addition, you will easily get nausea when you drink this without eating before.

#4.Nature's Bounty Green Tea Extract, 315mg, 100 Capsules (Pack of 2)

To my point of view, this product is a worth investment for you to purchase among many categories on Amazon. The combination of Green Tea capsules and Nature Bounty are ideal for me as it gives me much more energy than other supplements I have used.

Another thing I love about this product is that I make the same payment for each time I buy it at the drug store. However, you can buy with a better price for two packs.

As you know, Green Tea is composed of healthy flavonoids that are organic phytochemicals. Like most of products, Nature’s Bounty® Green Tea Extract also provides you with antioxidant support, which has been used to support health of your heart for a long time.


  • Includes organic ingredients
  • Combines with the body’s natural rhythm to improve wellness
  • Helpful for controlling your appetite.
  • You can use this product for a long time as it has a long expiration date.


  • This product is not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers or people who are taking medications or having any medical condition.

#5. Best Green Tea Extract (NON GMO) 120 Capsules With High Potency EGCG For Weight Loss & Metabolism Boost

Have you ever wonder whether you are using a kind green tea which has a lot of chemicals that cause health issue to your body. To make sure that you are using the good one, find the best brand!

Today, I will introduce to you a wonderful product that is favored a lot- Healths Harmony. With Healths Harmony, you can easily enjoy Green Tea Extract. However, you do not have to worry too much because the Green Tea Extract only contains 3% of caffeine. This amount is much lower than the standard of 8%.

The EGCG in green tea plays a main part of antioxidant properties, which prevent unstable molecules, which is also called free radicals, from doing harm to your cells.

In addition to its antioxidant, green tea also makes a good impact on your heart and brain. As a result, green tea has been known all around the world as a healthy beverage.

To have a slimmer physique, you have to drink up to six cups of tea daily. Nevertheless, with that amount, you will be dehydrated and jittery all day long. Now, with only 1/6 of caffeine, you can reduce your potential fat.


  • Known for powerful antioxidants
  • Made in the USA
  • high-quality ingredients without any fillers or junk substitutes.
  • If you are not satisfied with this product, you will be paid back all of your money.


  • Be careful to use if you are pregnant, nursing, children under 18 or you are taking another kind of drug
  • If you have any cardiovascular disorder, please do not use this product


Many people consider using green tea as a beverage or supplement to enjoy its antioxidant and fat burning benefits. However, with the advance of technology, you can easily lose your weight thanks to many kinds of green tea pills.

As long as you consume it wisely, green tea fat burners are the perfect, all-natural solution for people craving to lose weight fastly. I strongly recommend you 5 green tea pills I have mentioned above. I hope that you will soon find a product which is most suitable for your health and your current financial state.


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