Green Tea Vs Black Tea: Production And Health Benefits

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Most people in the world all drink tea. It has thousands of different varieties with aromas, flavors, and histories which seem being everlasting.

And green tea vs black tea is not an exception. They have different multiple types which vary in ingredient and flavor.

This article shows you the difference in the production of each type of tea, nutrient content and health benefits of green teas and black teas.

So you can make a decision which one is suitable for your lifestyle.

Green Tea Vs Black Tea: How To Produce?


Black tea is produced from the leaves of Camellia sinensis and so is green tea.

The major difference between these two types of tea is that black tea must be under the fermentation, but green tea is not.

In detail, green tea leaves have gone through minimal processing; black tea undergoes an oxidation process, called fermentation.

Green tea

To produce green tea, after being harvested and withered, leaves are pan-fired (Chinese style) or heated via steaming (Japanese style).

With this production process, oxidation is maintained, so the color of leaves and the delicate, fresh taste is retained.

Black tea

After harvesting and withering leaves of black tea, the producer crush, tear, curl, or roll and oxidize them before drying.

As a result, the leaves get darker; aroma and flavor are stronger than before.

Shared Health Benefits With Different Substances In Green Vs Black Tea

Both kinds of tea give healthful benefits to your diet, but they provide slightly different health benefits due to the variation in their nutrient content.

So green tea vs black tea, which one is better or healthier, let’s find out together!

#1. Flavonoids content is good for the cardiovascular system

Polyphenols - a group of protective antioxidants is found rich in both green and black tea.

In detail, they both contain a subgroup of polyphenols called flavonoids which are believed to be good for the cardiovascular system.

However, their amount and type of flavonoids are different.

EGCG with full name epigallocatechin-3-gallate contains a higher amount in green tea whereas the theaflavins are rich in black tea. Thanks to the interaction between EGCG and the cells, the autophagy is promoted, and the blood vessels are lined.

Other health benefits of green tea are to support manage the levels of cholesterol in the blood, decrease the quantity of bad cholesterol and increase the quantity of good cholesterol in the bloodstream. 

Meanwhile, if you have atherosclerosis, the blood vessel function will be improved by drinking black tea.

Under the result of a study on the animal, green and black tea can prevent the formation of blood vessel plaque with equal effect.

The lowest dose is by 26%, and the highest dose is up to 68%.

This study also showed that both green and black tea supported decrease triglycerides and bad LDL cholesterol.

Additionally, your blood pressure can also be lowered if you usually drink green and black tea.


Leafs of green tea vs black tea

People are having 1–3 cups of green tea each day can reduce 19% and 36% risk of heart disease and stroke respectively.

Similarly, people could reduce by 11% risk of heart attack if they maintain the hobby of drinking at least three cups of black tea each day.

#2. Antioxidants content helps prevent cancer

The antioxidants in both green and black tea may help you avoid cancer and other diseases.

However, green tea comes out ahead of black tea for this health benefit. The EGCG contained in green tea not only helps regulates gene activity in cancer cells but also may fight cancer growth.

Moreover, it promotes skin cancer and colon cancer cell death.

Green and black are both provided a different set of antioxidant compounds in each case oxidation or non-oxidation.

#3. Caffeine content strengthens brain function

Although both green and black tea contain caffeine, black one contains higher levels which about 39–109 mg/230-ml cup, compared to about 35 mg/230-ml cup for the same serving of green tea.

This makes black tea a great choice if you need additional strength of energy throughout the day.

Drinking black tea helps you more alert and focused because its procedure helps increase blood flow to the brain.

With caffeine in both green and black tea, your will alertness, emotion, vigilance, reaction time and short-term recall will be boosted.

Also, the amino acid L-theanine, which is not present in coffee, is little rich in green and black teas.

It is said to pass the blood-brain barrier and activate the launch of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) - an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain which helps you relaxed but alert.

It also boosts the launch of the mood-strengthening hormones dopamine and serotonin as well.


Consider your favor and situation when choosing green and black tea for drinking

L-theanine also helps balance caffeine's effects. There might be even a mutually positive interaction between them.

Getting L-theanine and caffeine intake together helps you pay better attention than when one of them was used alone.

Commonly, the amount of L-theanine in green tea slightly more than in black tea, although there might be a considerable change.

#4. Fluoride content supports healthy teeth and bones

Both green and black teas contain fluoride content which supports healthy teeth and bones.

However, the fluoride per serving offered by black tea is more.

Your bones and teeth are made up from the mineralized tissue which is incorporated by the fluoride that you get intake in your daily eating routine and hydroxyapatite.

Fluoride consumption makes your teeth harder and makes cavities stay away from you.

The amount of fluoride in a cup of black tea is from 0.2 to 0.5 milligrams while it is between 0.3 and 0.4 milligrams in a cup of green tea.

Especially, you can get a more amount of fluoride intake might increase if you drink tea made with tap water.

#5. Caffeine and catechins content aid in weight loss

Green tea and black tea can also support you to lose weight faster and stay fit when combined with a healthy eating routine and exercise.

Green tea contains caffeine and catechins which support to boost metabolism strengthening your body burn fat stores faster.

With these substances, you can keep a healthy weight thanks to their procedure of keeping for longer satiety.

Choose Your Tea

Green tea and black tea both contain powerful compounds which provide you with a lot of benefits on health.

They are both good for the cardiovascular system, help prevent cancer, strengthen brain function.

Also, green and black tea support healthy bones and teeth and aid in weight loss.

Making a decision which one is better or healthier for you will depend on your specific condition and favor.

Some tea drinkers are devoted consumers of black tea while some others prefer green tea.

No matter which tastes you choose, drinking tea and relishing the benefits for your body, mind, and soul is an elegant pleasure you should maintain.

Sum Up


Drinking tea is generally believed to be a very healthy way of living cause' they bring drinkers many health benefits.

I love tea very much, so even I am curious to know everything about them. I drink a lot of green tea but not much black one.

After the comparison above, I think my choice is right. However, if you are wondering which one is better and healthier, green tea or black tea.

Give your final decision and enjoy your drink. Either way, there is no wrong choice since both they are healthy for drinkers in their way.


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