Fatty Liver Diet Plan – All You Need To Know

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Fatty liver may be present in anyone, including the elderly and children, who do not cause immediate death. However, the complications that the disease causes for the liver, as well as the health of the sick person are very unpredictable. Many patients with fatty liver disease due to obesity. Should we lose weight to treat fatty liver?

The answer is yes. However, with impatience, overweight people try to limit eating or use accelerated weight loss methods. This can help with temporary weight loss but actually, reduces the amount of water or muscle mass rather than lessen the amount of fat in the body.

Therefore, you need to have a logical fatty liver diet plan. Keep scrolling to read more about this.

What Is Fatty Liver?

Fatty liver is a condition when excess fat builds up in the liver, exceeding the allowed level. There are many causes of this disease such as diabetes, alcoholism, malnutrition, etc. However, one of the common causes of fatty liver disease is overweight and obesity. In addition to the medication prescribed by your doctor, weight control is an effective way to treat fatty liver in obese patients.

Fatty Liver Diet Plan

Fatty liver disease is a condition in which fat is 5% higher than that of the liver. Initially, when the fat is low, it is not dangerous for the patient but if the high-fat levels lead to hepatitis and cirrhosis that is extremely hazardous for the patient.

Fatty liver progresses silently, sometimes without symptoms and the disease is often found to be accidental. People with the fatty liver disease have a risk of liver cirrhosis, and liver cancer is 150 times higher than normal. Previously, researchers discovered fatty liver disease in people who drank a lot of alcohol and people overweight who put these people in the high-risk group.

Currently, there is no direct method of treating fatty liver, the main treatment that doctors are doing is advising the patient not to have a diet rich in green vegetables, alcohol abstinence and do exercise regularly.

#1. Diet For People With Fatty Liver

  • Diet for people with the fatty liver disease has carbohydrate according to demand, add enough protein, reduce fat and increase vegetables and fruits.
  • Foods such as rice, noodles, and bread should eat less, rather than over-eating because they will over-balance the energy and increase the fat in the body and liver.
  • Reduce cholesterol foods such as heart, viscera or animal skin.
  • Eggs are high in protein and contain too much fat in the yolk. When the liver is fatty, degenerative and prolonged liver function decline, eating more eggs becomes a burden on the liver. Nevertheless, when liver function is not affected as much as the first stage, it is possible to eat eggs like normal people.
  • Limit fat intake: Patients should choose vegetable oils (excluding coconut oil) as a replacement for animal fats (except fish fat).
  • Also, patients should also limit the fried dishes, sausages, sweets such as cakes, candy, sugar cane, soft drinks ...Do not eat too spicy foods and hot as ginger, chili, pepper.
  • Some vegetables are considered as "medicine" that can reduce fat such as fresh ripe tomatoes, soybean, peas, celery, lettuce, yellow pepper, garlic. The fruits to use are grapefruit, apple, orange, tangerine, lemon ...
  • Stop drinking alcohol when you feel signs of fatty liver disease.
  • Reduce the salt content in each meal or canned food.
  • Patients should eat enough carbohydrates to ensure adequate the supply of energy. On average, you can eat 300-400g of carbohydrate daily. You should choose the raw starch, less processed like brown rice, potatoes ...

#2. Exercise Regularly For Patients With Fatty Liver

Doctors say that most patients with the fatty liver disease are excess body nutrients that cause overloading of the liver causing liver damage and formation of fatty liver.

Thus, choose a healthy lifestyle. This can help you get rid of overweight or obesity - one of the main causes of fatty liver disease. You should try to persist in exercising to lose weight slowly and sustainably.

Patients with fatty liver disease should exercise regularly to help repel the weight loss, resulting in reduced body fat from which the amount of fat in the liver also decreased correspondingly.

Regular physical exercise not only helps the patient to lose weight but reduces the risk of infection but also helps the patient to have good health and good resistance to fatty liver disease. Patients should practice sports such as walking, playing sports such as badminton, table tennis, swimming, climbing ... every day for 30 minutes, maintain five sessions per week is very good for the treatment of fatty liver disease.

Exercise is essential for patients with a fatty liver disease, but doctors also advise patients to choose a sport that fits the health of the patient to avoid over-training that causes the body to be weak and worsens fatty liver disease.

Take Notes

  • You should not be so anxious and impatient to the point of fasting regularly. Fasting often causes body fatigue and often tends to make up the next few days.
  • For those with fatty liver due to alcoholism, the first step to treating fatty liver is to stop drinking alcohol early. Even the use of doctor's medicine to reduce fat in the liver if the patient does not quit alcohol, the use of drugs is useless and even make the fatty liver fat more severe.
  • Taking weight loss pills can cause weight to fall too fast, if the monthly loss of 5kg or less, exceeds the body's ability to metabolize fat. Otherwise, it can lead to fatty liver or increase the level of disease. Moreover, the faster the speed of new fat reduction, the greater the chance of gaining weight, the harder it is to maintain weight.
  • Get permission from your doctor before taking any medicine. 
  • When taking medication, you should talk to your doctor about the hepatotoxic effects of the drug, and minimize the use of hepatotoxic drugs.
  •  Patients should seek medical attention periodically to diagnose the disease at an early stage, and seek immediate care even if the patient has no symptoms, thereby selecting the best and most appropriate treatment for the most efficient treatment.
  •  Although you have fatty liver, remember: do not feel pessimistic in your life. You can completely reverse the situation with maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, and staying away from alcohol will help you stay healthy and fight back the disease


Fatty liver disease, if not detected and treated promptly, will become a serious cirrhosis, so you need to improve our preventive measures to ensure you have the best liver as possible. The most efficient way is to have a reasonable fatty liver diet plan by eating healthily and exercise regularly to help prevent fatty liver disease.

You just have read my whole post about how to have a fatty liver diet plan. Hopefully, it’s helped you. If you have any question, feel free to ask me by leaving comments in the box below. Thank you so much for reading and see you next time!


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