The Excellent Benefits of Oolong Tea – What Amazing!

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Oolong tea still has another call – Wu Long tea. A couple of cookies coming with a hot cup of oolong tea is an ideal breakfast of most Chinese.

In fact, oolong tea benefits are more than the conventional beverage that many people still drink, orange, milk, for example.

Thanks to the high antioxidant, it is healthy so that you can enjoy every day.

Oolong Tea – 12 Benefits You Should Know

When saying to oolong tea, we cannot ignore two countries – China and Taiwan, which are well-known about this type of tea. Why? Simply, because it brings the health advantages when you frequently drink.

Oolong tea includes the antioxidants such as catechin and caffeine. Yes, they have the ability to fight free radicals. Correspondingly, people use oolong tea in the medicine owing to its health benefits.

#1. Weight-Loss


Do you want to lose weight a healthy way? Well, don’t ignore a beneficial option as oolong tea.

In 2009, Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine provided the specific proof of the weight-loss use of oolong tea. People who were overweight quickly lost their weight and the size of their waist within 6 weeks.

Another study at the USDA has shown that more 67 calories in a day are burnt when drinking tea. In comparison with those who drink water with the same amount, people drinking tea have the burnt calorie intake that is more.

#2. Get Rid of Harmful Free-Radical

Oolong tea has contained the polyphenolic compound, which functions as an antioxidant. Its use is to remove the free radicals out of the body.

Accordingly, to prevent the potential risk of free radicals – the cause of cancer, diabetes, stroke, atherosclerosis, neurodegeneration, or rheumatoid arthritis, it recommends to drinking a cup of oolong tea in each of morning.

If compared to the antioxidant in the food and other drinks, oolong tea seems more dominant.

#3. Reduce Cholesterol


A large number of people drink oolong tea with the purpose of decreasing cholesterol. At once, it still helps promote the heart.

Thanks to the semi-oxidized feature, it creates the polyphenol molecule with the perfect size. This one helps dissolve the fat owing to the enzyme lipase activated.

#4. Good for the Skin

Patients with eczema will be able to improve the health when drinking three cups of oolong tea in a day, an experiment pointed out.

Within 5-7 days, these patients have gotten the clear result, in particular, the improvement in their skin.

Aside from that, another research in 2001 has shown the skin conditions of the subjects that are significantly improved after drinking oolong tea within 6 months.

#5. Good for the Bones


As mentioned above, in oolong tea, it includes the antioxidants, which have the ability to protect your teeth from the decay.

Apart from, it also contributes to strengthening the structure of your bone and prevent the risk of osteoporosis.

According to some of the studies, they concentrated on analyzing the effects of oolong tea when drinking for a long period of time, especially, BMD – bone mineral density.

The studies pointed out that people drinking oolong tea for many years do not lose plenty of BMD.

This has proven that some ingredients in tea help to maintain the minerals from our consumed food.

#6. Enhance Mental Alertness

A hot cup of oolong tea that will help to improve your spirit enables you to concentrate on your job.

Owing to the caffeine ingredient in oolong tea, it stimulates mental alertness. Nonetheless, take care!

Those who seem to irritate to caffeine should use a limited way, once a day or several times a week.

#7. Aid Digestion

If you are not too irritated to caffeine, oolong tea is likely a beneficial option in order to aid your digestion.

It is good for the digestive tract. Moreover, those who have the problems of stomach ulcers and acid reflux also find the benefits from it.

With the gentle antiseptic capacity and the light flavor, it helps your stomach digest better.

#8. Helpful for Diabetes


But frankly speaking, not few people are utilizing oolong tea with the purpose to treat type-2 diabetes, along with using the drug throughout the treating process.

Drinking oolong tea helps to regulate the blood sugar intake and even insulin. Once both the insulin and blood sugar level are reduced, the danger that the patients facing is also decreased.

In 2003, based on what a research shared, the combination of oolong tea and regular hyperglycemic medicine could balance the amount of blood sugar. At the same time, the majority of the subjects were also minimized the sudden drops.

#9. Help Healthy Hair

Owing to the high amount of antioxidants, oolong tea helps improve the hair-loss condition if you drink the tea regularly.

Furthermore, your hair also becomes shiny and thick in comparison with before. The ingredients in oolong tea contribute to softening and strengthening luster to the hair yours.

#10. The Ability to Resist Cancer

In fact, no more people know that drinking tea can minimize the ability to get cancer, especially, skin cancer. What a marvelous it is!

As known, the ingredients in oolong tea include the polyphenolic compound, whose function is to promote apoptosis in your stomach. From there, it prevents the development of the cancer cells.

Not only that, but it also functions to help resist the growth of the cancer cells related, by stifling the carcinogenic cells, preventing the N-nitroso compounds formed and other harmful agents before they affect your body.

#11. Prevent Dental Caries

Apart from green tea, oolong tea is also known as a medicine to prevent acid that sticks to your teeth.

Oolong tea will inhibit the production and development of both acid and bacteria, which damage to your tooth.

Thanks to that, tooth decay is prevented. At once, the building-up plaque is also got rid.

#12. Reduce Stress


According to a study in Japan, they experimented on the mice, by allowing them to drink oolong tea. For the result, the strain level is significantly reduced from 10-18 percent.

Why can oolong tea reduce the stress? – Because the polyphenols are rich in oolong tea.

In addition, the L-theanine – an amino acid in tea leaves is also useful for blocking L-glutamic acid, which masses in the brain. There is also the main cause that leads to strain.

The Last Words

Yes, there are plenty of benefits the oolong tea brings the users. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you can use a misused way.

Keep in mind, oolong tea contains the high amount of caffeine. Consequently, those who sensitive to this ingredient should not drink too much.

It recommends to drinking a cup every day to improve the health.

For the time being, you have known all oolong tea benefits. You can feel secure to use, right? Good healthy!!!


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