Early Signs of Liver Damage – The Truth You Need to Know

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Early signs of liver damage can be difficult to detect initially. Some symptoms are easily misleading to another kind of disease as they have the same indications and people normally underestimate it. The liver is a vital organ and works as a filter to eliminate daily toxin out of our body.

It can surprisingly heal itself, but when being destroyed over the time, it can be a life-threatening situation. Increasing liver failure awareness will improve liver cancer diagnosis, medical treatments, and even prevention. Keep in mind these abnormal changes of your body to reveal the truth of early signs of liver damage.

Common early signs of liver damage

Abnormal Fatigue and Weakness

Do you always feel tired even after a long sleep? Do you have no energy to do anything, no matter it’s just a short walk or a light lift?

If you do, please take a slow step to look back your food supplies and body conditions as they can be early signs of liver damage. The tiredness could be a result of lacking oxygen levels pumped to the brain regarding an unhealthy liver. Your body has to work harder to make the whole operational system work while one organ is damaged.

This sign can be more obvious for an extremely active person. A sudden change of daily behavior is a big warning. You might try to sleep more, or spend time just resting all day and will feel nothing but even worse. Some people will blame it as a sign of aging; they don’t know it is a sign of cancer.

Abnormal Urine and Stools

Early signs of liver damage can be found in the toilet. Yes, you read correctly. It is surely not a joke. Take a little bit effort every time you enjoy in your bathroom could be very worthy.

You might see your urine darker and mistaken it as a dehydrating sign. Similarly, your stools can turn to pink or even bloody and are surprisingly underestimated as an inappropriate daily nutrition.

The color will be fade out after drinking a lot of water. The more fluid comes inside, the more toxic will be released. At this stage, it’s better to push the cleansing process faster as your liver can’t handle anymore.

Abnormal Pain

Liver failure can cause pain as well. Your pain will stay temporary in the upper right abdomen, or under the lower right ribs. If the pain gets too intense to sit properly, you may seek professional medical assistance immediately.

Loss of Appetite

When a part of your body is sick, the rest will get influent as well. Your exhaustion can lead to an extensive loss of appetite, weight loss and disinterest in food. You might skip meals or eat very little. It is one of the reasons causing tiredness above, but the underlying truth is your digestion discomfort as early signs of liver damage.

Abnormal Personality Changing

When your liver has a problem, there will be cognitive issues developed when toxin accumulates in the blood and moves to the brain. You may find it is hard to concentrate and experience such a loss of short memory. Then your sleeping habit is changing as well.

People might ignore it as a cause of stress, but it can be a serious dead leads to liver cancer.

Abnormal Nausea

Unexplained vomiting from time to time can be one of the early signs of liver damage. Your liver is unable to get rid of toxic. Therefore your body has no choice but try to eliminate them by another alternative gate that is your throat.

Abnormal Skin

One of the most common signs is your skin gradually changes to the way you can’t recognize. It can be a different color either the tone or the shade. Your skin will turn into yellowish (your fingernails and toes could also turn into yellow, your eyes might be white).

Besides, you may experience some bruises in the middle of nowhere of your body which is secretly occurred. It will not hurt, it just happens. This is the sign of a weak liver, exhausted to release the toxic out of the body. The dark or yellow shade represents for toxic accumulation under the skin.

However, most people don’t pay attention to the skin color as much as when they do when sunbathing at the beach. They will not even wonder why bruises come so easily all over the body without any painful interaction. Just remember a small notice can lead to a big difference.

Another sign related to the skin is itchy or oversensitive symptoms on skin. It might be considered as a skin allergy or insect bites, but it will just get worse intolerantly by time. You can use moisturizer to reduce the discomfort temporarily.

Last but not least, your skin will be swollen in some exposed areas. Your hands and feet can grow larger than normal size. It’s not a sign of gaining weight, but a warning of your damaged liver when it can’t depose the liquid out.

How to treat a damaged liver

If detected early, a damaged liver can be treated and recovered in a short time with proper medicine. The purpose is to rescue whatever part of a liver that is still functioning.

It’s better to see a doctor to diagnose the truth under every sign in your body; as mentioned above, those symptoms are slightly similar to another disease, or maybe just a temporary period of body exhaustion.

A damaged liver can lead to a liver cancer and from that stage, a patient has to go through chemotherapies and tons of serious procedures that cost money, time and effort, but maybe not cured permanently. If this is possible, a liver transplant will be required.

Most cases are successful, but it affects and changes your whole life if you or your family members, unfortunately, get involved into this. It’s not a smart idea to ignore these early signs of damaged liver at the beginning.

Before having these dangerous signs, how to maintain a good liver today?

  • Eat dark green food: Broccoli, spinach, walnuts, avocado, berries
  • Drink a lot of water or a glass of lemon every day can reduce the work of liver
  • Exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes would be enough. The sweat of the body is a sign of detox.
  • Sleep adequate to recover all signs of weakness and help the body to work more efficiently
  • Avoid toxic food: alcohol, coffee and too many refined grains. They can be considered your liver’s enemy, make it work harder to eliminate them out of the body.


Listing all signs above doesn’t mean to make you panic or worry about small symptoms. It just increases your awareness of early signs of liver damage.

We live in a world full of toxic and chemical materials. Our food isn’t well taken due to benefits of the producers. Just take a few minutes every day to maintain your body and pay attention to these early signs can prevent serious dead caused effect afterward.

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