How To Avoid Liver Pain After Drinking?

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Are you suffering from liver pain after drinking?

If the answer is yes, you may have over drinking without notice. The pain is often a sign and urgent cry for help from your liver. And you need to understand it to save yourself from deathly diseases in the future. In my article today, I will show you the most efficient methods to avoid the liver pain growing inside your body.

What you will need to follow this article

Before getting to know the solutions, you need to understand the how dangerous liver pain due to drinking is and where it can lead you to. If you find a constant and irritating pain on the right side of your abdominal part, there is a chance that you are having:

Liver inflammation:

There are millions of good bacteria living in your gut, responsible for metabolism. After you take in an excessive amount of alcohol, some of those will be killed and toxins will be released. Those toxins are the reason for your liver inflammation and pain. It is the very first stage of liver damage so it is not dangerous and will disappear when you stop drinking.

Fatty liver:

This is the second stage when the fat starts accumulating in your liver. Similar to inflammation, it can be reversible. Nevertheless, it can lead to hepatitis and cirrhosis, which are 100 times more dangerous. If you find right side abdominal pain and weight loss in your body, prepare for fatty liver.


Yellow skin and eyes, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal tenderness are some symptoms of hepatitis. It’s a severe stage of liver pain due to beyond drinking and happens when inflammation becomes serious. You will definitely have to stay under the doctors’ watch if you have the above signs.


There is no reverse once you have condemned cirrhosis. It’s when the healthy gut bacteria are replaced by harmful ones. When finding weight loss, liver pain, and ascites occurring, it’s possible that you have cirrhosis.

A lot of people don’t know about those. And even when they know, they try to deny the truth so that they can continue drinking. In my opinion, that is a deathly mistake. The diseases can slowly develop and be out of your control when you pay the least attention. Therefore, finding the right way to avoid them is still better than staying there and waiting for them.

How to avoid liver pain after drinking?

Control the amount of alcohol that you take in

The first and most efficient thing that you can do is to control yourself not to drink too much. That will prevent not only liver pain but also other serious diseases, including inflammation, fatty liver, hepatitis, and cirrhosis. To do that, you need to know how much alcohol you can take in.

To men, 14 units of alcohol in a week and 4 units in a day are the maximum amounts. To women, 14 units of alcohol in a week and 3 units in a day are appropriate. One unit is equivalent to 16 ounces of cider or beer in the fluid in U.S weights and measure, a small pub measure of spirits, or a standard pub measure of wine.

If you cannot completely stop drinking, you can base on those to identify how much you should drink in a week. However, keep in mind that there are still many types of beer and wine stronger than normal ones. To avoid excessive drinking, you can take a look at the name of the alcohol before starting taking it in. A lot of things about it will be revealed.

Noticing the signs of your body

The signs of your body are very crucial in looking for ways to avoid liver pain after drinking. Besides the symptoms that I gave you in the first section, there are some signs for you to discover when you drink too much and prevent the diseases before they begin.

For example, when you wake up after a night at a pub, have a terrible headache, an awful sleep, and feel grumpy with everyone, it’s likely that you have been over drinking. Moreover, if you can hold your glass firmly and don’t feel merry after a few drinks, it seems that you have alcohol quite regularly and can catch liver pain anytime.

Your skin and teeth also show common signs of liver pain and over drinking. When someone tells you that you look so tan and well, but you have not been anywhere but the wine-house on your holiday, there are plenty chances that you are in the early stage of jaundice.

Or if you see changes in the color of your teeth, from white to yellow, and they get unstable as well as need fillings, your liver is probably having problems. The pain will come soon those signs appear and you will need abstinence or have to look for a proper treatment after that.

Don’t mix pills and alcohol

You may think that is odd and nobody will ever do that. Yet, there are various drinkers doing that every day. The dangerous thing is they are not aware of the consequence that they can cause for themselves.

Many pills combining with alcohol can lead to liver pain and failures, such as Metronidazole, Tinidazole, Statins, or Valium. Besides, there has been no evidence or scientific traits to prove that taking medicine with alcohol is good for health. Having a hot drink on a cold day can only make you feel better and have no positive effect on your condition.

Therefore, don’t mix your pills and alcohol altogether unless you want to suffer from unwanted results.

Change your dietary plan

Changes in your diet can create beneficial effects on your liver pain after drinking. Adding more celery, tomatoes, beans, asparagus, and other types of vegetables to your meals can recover not only your liver but also brain functions. Vitamin C and amino acids inside them will help you get sober and prevent alcoholism from happening.

Besides, coconut oil and dandelion are some ingredients that you should try because they are capable of reducing the signs of over drinking, including liver pain. One teaspoon of them mixing with a warm cup of water will be perfect to relieve your stress and recover your liver metabolism.

Don’t try to compete

Competing is meaningless if you cannot protect your health, particularly when you drink with people having a higher capacity or you are a woman. You may or may not defeat drinkers who are better than you in some random competition. However, they are not the ones that will incur liver pain and all the disease. You are! Therefore, don’t try to compete if you want to protect yourself from risks.

And if you are a woman, the consequence may get even more severe than men. Women tend to absorb a greater amount of alcohol although they drink less than men. That is why they can catch liver pain more easily.


I hope you have found out which type of liver pain you are having and how to prevent it. If you like my article, you can share it to other drinkers as a warning before they go too far. And if you have any questions or comments, do send them to me. I would love to hear from you.

Regardless, thank you for reading my article about “how to avoid liver pain after drinking” and I will see you in my other writings.


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