A Complete Buying Guide on The Best Multivitamin for Women

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Vitamin is an indispensable part of our daily diet as it plays an essential role in both men’s and women’s body. However, a number of women tend to rely on multivitamins as a way to make up for any deficiencies in their diet.

The market is now loaded with countless options of multivitamin. So, it is necessary to take a series of factors into consideration before you make your final decision.

This article will give you a closer look at the best multivitamin for women right now.

Why Women Need Multivitamin

Vitamins, as well as micronutrients, are vital for most functions in our body. Without them, our cells cannot grow and function as usual. There are various types of vitamins, and each of them provides specific benefits.

For example, vitamin A is crucial if you want healthy vision as well as skin. Meanwhile, those who would like to improve the metabolization of fats and the release of energy go for vitamin B1 or thiamin.

Vitamins can be easily absorbed from a balanced diet. Nevertheless, in specific cases, women might want some multivitamins as additional supplements.

Even though we all need vitamin for our body, women tend to have some different needs regarding vitamins.

Overall, women, or anyone of us, do not need to use additional vitamin supplements. Nevertheless, if your daily diet cannot satisfy your body’s need for vitamins, then they will become necessary.

Here are some examples in which women need vitamin supplements.

#1. Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is one of the most important and admits it, difficult times for women as their body experiences a series of unexpected changes. When you are pregnant or breastfeeding, your body needs a higher amount of vitamin B12 and B6.

This serves to prevent any vitamin shortages that have disastrous consequences on the development of the fetus.

Also, you also need folic acid that plays an essential role in the prevention of birth defects. It is also beneficial for your baby’s weight. Thus, folic acid is recommended to be taken one year before pregnancy.

#2. Dietary Restrictions

There are many reasons why women’s diet might be limited to some extent.

Strict vegetarians are likely to suffer from a lack of vitamin B12; therefore, they need this vitamin supplement because it is an indispensable part of your body’s release of red blood cells.

Besides, for those who are on a vegan diet, dairy products, fish, and meat are missing parts. But they provide such a crucial amount of vitamin A. The consequence is that you might experience a lack of vitamin A.

Even though choosing some vegetables and fruits can make up for this, many women tend to go for vitamin supplements.

On the other hand, there are many types of diet that are specifically designed to help women lose weight. Some of them are not scientifically proved and might cause vitamin deficiency.

You had better do research carefully about what your body lacks.

#3. Aging

Old women always look for multivitamins as a way to regain their confidence and beauty. It is true that additional vitamins can reduce aging signs.

Vitamin D is particularly important to fight against any problems related to bone density. More importantly, it is a strong fighter against other fatal diseases, such as cancer, diabetes or heart attacks.

Nevertheless, too much vitamin D might put your life in danger. Therefore, be certain about how much you should use. For the best result, it is recommended to consult your doctor first.

Besides, older women are suggested to take more vitamins B whose amounts are often low in their body. These vitamins are beneficial for metabolism and digestion.

Top 5 Best Multivitamin for Women

Now you know why women are craving for multivitamins, even when their body does not need. Get to know top 5 best multivitamins for women you can get on the market now!

Because it directly affects the mechanism inside your body, it is crucial to choose the best product which does not cause any unwanted effects in the long term.

#1. Stellar Labs Women’s Multivitamin

This is a formula that has been specifically developed for women. Therefore, it contains a balanced quantity of different nutrients, not only vitamins but also minerals, as well as antioxidants.

All of these nutrients contribute to female body to meet its daily nutritional needs.

What are its advantages? There are many. First of all, it has a positive influence on your immune system with a series of beneficial substances, such as garlic, beta glycan or Echinacea. As a result, you are less likely to experience health problems.

In addition, Stellar multivitamins also provide many natural energizers, such as Pomegranate fruit or green tea.

There are many herbs in this formula, so you can count on it to increase your energy level. In other words, it is time to remove caffeine from your list.

All nutrients are pure and potent. Women who have allergic reactions to some products, such as soy or dairy, do not need to worry about them anymore. This formula does not contain lactose or GMP either.

Overall, this is a good investment for your health, especially when the manufacturer provides money back guarantee as well.

#2. Rainbow Light Women’s Multivitamin

Another multivitamin to look for is Rainbow Light Women. It combines many beneficial ingredients, including organic spirulina, red clover, and dong quai.

All of them contribute to better hormonal balance in your body. Besides, its content of folic acid, vitamin D, and B plays an important role in ensuring that your cardiovascular system works well.

Besides, this multivitamin is good for digestion and the absorption of nutrients and enzymes.

You do not have to be concerned about gluten, sugar or lactose intolerance because this product is free from them. No additives, sweeteners or preservatives are used, so it is completely safe for our health, even for pregnant women.

#3. Vimerson Health – Women’s Multivitamin

Above all, this multivitamin is claimed to be particularly suitable for women. It is also a reason why it is among top multivitamin for women.

Its formula is designed to satisfy the nutritional demands of women. This multivitamin provides a number of minerals and vitamins for various purposes. In other words, you can get a variety of benefits from it.

What’s of its small size? Zinc, magnesium, lutein, biotin, folic acid, and natural herbs are only a glimpse of its content.

Your immune system becomes stronger, while you can remove all difficulties managing weight. More importantly, women care about aging process. So, this multivitamin has positive impacts on lowering this process.

As a result, you can see the less appearance of wrinkles and other aging signs on your skin quickly.

What’s more? It is professionally proved that this product is completely natural. It means that no antibiotics, preservatives, and hormones are present in it.

Besides, if you are allergic to soy or gluten or GMO, it is a good option because it does not contain any of them.

#4. NATURELO Whole Food Multivitamin

Likewise, the next product from NATURELO also possesses the same qualities as other multivitamins for women in this list. Let’s find out why it deserves to be your choice right now!

According to Multivitamin Guide, NATURELO Whole food multivitamin is considered as the best multivitamin for women this year, 2017. It is a perfect combination of organic vegetable and fruit blends.

No single potential hazard is found in this product, such as gelatin, yeast or soy.

It has various benefits for your metabolism, immunity, bone strength and digestion with its richness and diversity of vitamins.

If you are concerned about its content, here are some of the most beneficial ingredients from this multivitamin: turmeric, grape seed, green tea, ginger, lutein and ginkgo biloba.

All of them are strong antioxidants, which enables you to stay away from many health issues.

Furthermore, hardly can you find a product on the market with such variety of natural ingredients. All nutrients are taken from organic and fresh foods.

It is such a wonderful idea to start using natural products like NATURELO whole food multivitamin.

#5. Best Nest Women’s Multivitamin

Last but not least, Best Nest Women’s Multivitamin guarantees the best formula for users, and it has been accepted by doctors and experts. With its 100% organic ingredients, the multivitamin is now widely used around the world to enhance people’s well-being.

It is recommended that you only use one gentle tablet on a daily basis for the best results. So it is no longer necessary to get 3-4 pills every day, which might already make you sick.

With only one tablet, you will get all important vitamins and micronutrients to enhance your digestion in particular and your health in general.

Interestingly, this multivitamin contains some live enzymes and probiotics, which have great impacts on your digestive conditions. They are super effective to eliminate yeast and candida from your body.

Do not forget that it is also safe because it is free from all artificial flavors and ingredients.

What to Look for in The Best Multivitamin for Women

As vitamins have direct impacts on your health, the selection for multivitamin should be thorough. In other words, you have to consider a lot of aspects at the same time.

Here are some suggestions for you on how to choose the best multivitamin for women, especially on the market flooded with options.

#1. Pay attention to the label

The labels tell the content of a product. It is a reason why you should not ignore reading it before deciding to buy the product. You will get to know which vitamins are inside the product and how much of them.

#2. Go for basic nutrients

Most multivitamins contain a series of basic vitamins as well as minerals. They are basic nutrients needed for normal function in our body. You can find about vitamin C, B12, D2, A, or K.

Regarding minerals, primary substances are zinc, calcium, potassium or iron. They are something you need to see on your desired products.

#3. Percentage of Nutrients

Even though the existence of basic nutrients in multivitamins is important, what’s even more important is how much. Generally speaking, you should think about vitamin supplements which give 100% of the Daily Value regarding all nutrients.

This perfect percentage is hardly achieved with some nutrients, such as magnesium or calcium. It is because the pillow might become too big.

#4. Formula

The formulas of modern multivitamins have been developed to meet some specific nutritional demands. Therefore, some might do not contain iron, while the iron is responsible for two-thirds of some formulas.

You should read carefully about its additional nutrients, such as antioxidants, to choose the most suitable multivitamin for you. It is not necessarily true that the formula with the most nutrients is the best.

Besides, some formulas are designed according to gender and age. Women should think about women’s type and so should men.

#5. Dose

Anything too much will become hazardous. This is also true for multivitamins. Although they are crucial for well-being, they can become dangerous if you use them excessively.

Many people are seriously concerned about what time to use multivitamin. Nevertheless, this concern seems to be useless because there is no best time for vitamin supplements.

The only thing that matters is how much you should use at one time and how frequently you use.


In general, multivitamin is a good choice if you cannot follow a healthy diet day by day. However, you have to allocate enough time to find the best multivitamin for women so that your body does not suffer later.

Also, multivitamin is not meant to be abused. Do not overuse it. Some vitamins might turn dangerous if their amount is excessive in your body.

Be a wise consumer and do not forget to let us know your opinion.


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