7 Incredible Impacts of Detox Drinks for Weight Loss – Backed by Studies

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Detox drinks are a combination of juice from fruits, vegetables, herbs and water. They are highly customizable since you can choose which kinds of ingredients to fit your tastes and needs.

Detox drinks are considered one of the healthiest drinks because of their natural origins and low-calorie levels. They provide a wide range of vitamins, minerals, etc. depending on the types of vegetables and fruits used. In general, these are the major benefits of detox drinks for weight loss:


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What are the Positive Effects that Detox Drinks for Weight Loss?

#1: Boosting Metabolism

Metabolism is the transformation process of chemical substances in our cells; it converts what we eat into compounds and energy needed for the activities of our bodies as well as provides other critical substances to the cells. The more efficient your metabolism is, the lesser amount of food you need to consume, and the healthier your body will become.

Detox drinks with citrus fruits, strawberries, olive oil, apricot, etc. bring you large amounts of vitamins and minerals while being low on fat and proteins. For example, 120g of strawberries contains enough vitamins C, K and iron for your daily requirements while having just under 50 calories. Vitamins and minerals are essential for boosting metabolic process since they speed up the human cells and burn fat. A report showed that people who consumed moderate amounts of vitamins (C, K, B6, B12) and minerals (Chromium, Zinc) lost much more weight than people who didn’t.

#2: Digestive System Improvement

Detox drinks containing vegetables and fruits such as avocado, raspberries, broccoli, spinach, carrot, etc. are rich sources of fiber which is very important for a healthy digestive system. There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Your body can not digest any fiber, but both types assist your digestive process in different manners. They help the food move faster in your intestine, and prevent constipation. When your body tries to digest fiber, it burns calories while not receiving anything. Soluble fiber is proven to be able to reduce the cholesterol level of your blood. The fiber also fill your stomach and gut, so you will need a lesser amount of food.

#3: Nutritious but Low on Calories

Fruits and vegetables are irreplaceable portions of your daily diet since they are extremely low on calories and provide you with essential minerals, vitamins, etc. According to 2015-2020 Dietary Guideline for Americans, you need to consume at least five servings of fresh vegetables and four servings of fruits per day if your daily calories intake is 2000; each serving is equal to ½ cup. The consumption of fruits and vegetables should be distributed all over the day for the maximum efficiency in absorption. Moreover, you need to diversify the types of plants used in your diet.

Detox drinks with their diversities in ingredients offer you a convenient and healthy option to bring more needed fruits and veggies to your daily diet. They can be prepared and drinks several times a day, so they decrease the burden on your stomach. However, you should be careful in the storing time of your detox drinks; their quality may deteriorate if you store them overnight .

#4: Reducing Stress and Eating Disorders

Stress is a major factor in creating eating disorders. If you receive excessive doses of stress during your daily life, your mentality needs to find a way to cope with the situation; one of the reactions from your body is binge eating. You may feel the uncontrollable urge to eat several times a day, even though you are not hungry. The unhealthy snacks and fast foods also contribute to weight gain or increase of the blood pressure, etc.

Popular ingredients in detox drinks such as bananas, cherries, kale, etc. are natural sedatives which calm your brain and reduce the level of stress. Thus, they ease the severeness of eating disorders. Moreover, consumption of detox drinks fills your stomach, so the urgent to eat is significantly declined.

#5: Energizing Your Body

Unlike normal belief, some fruits and vegetables are rich sources of energy. For example, a bottle of detox drinks made from grapefruit, cherries, and vinegar apple juice may contain as much as six hundreds calories; one fourth of the calories quota per day. Fruits and vegetables are also free of unsaturated fat that will cause weight gain. Therefore, if you are looking for high-energy food to powering your body during exercising but you do not want to eat meats, fish or cereals, detox drinks may be an ideal choice.

There are some precautions for using detox drinks, however. Most fruits and vegetables brinks energy in the form of sugar, so diabetes patients should be careful in using them. Furthermore, they can not be the main components of your diet because they lack proteins and amino acids; these are the critical compounds in building cells and muscles.

#6: Fat Burning

Vitamins C, also called ascorbic acid, is an essential vitamin for preventing scurvy, repairing human tissue, etc. This vitamin also has positive effect in losing fat because it boosts the burning rate of fat in your body by 39% during working out. Although you can take your daily requirement of vitamin C by using dietary supplements, this method can create overdose with side effects such as discomfort, trouble of sleeping, etc.

The better way to add vitamin C to your daily consumption is using citrus fruits. Natural nutrients from fruits are absorbed more smoothly and there is almost no negative impact. Orange, lime, lemon, etc belong to this group and they are plentiful in ascorbic acid. Citrus fruits are also extremely suitable for making juice used in detox drinks; so you try different recipes with them to find your best personal vitamin drinks.

#7: Assist in Herbal Usage

Herbs like garlic, ginger, onion contain several antioxidants and compounds which are important to different functionalities of your body. For example, researches from University of Maryland showed that ginger has the capabilities of lowering the cholesterol level of our blood as well as reduce the risks of getting cardiovascular diseases on test subjects. In a similar manner, people who consume 900 mg of garlic powder per day have 8% lower blood pressure and 30% lower risk of getting cancer.

The main obstacle in consuming these useful herbs is their distinct, sharp tastes and smells. One of the solution to add these useful plants to your diet is treating them as ingredients of your detox drinks; the flavor of other fruits and vegetables will overwhelm herbs. However, you should be careful when choosing the the types of herbs, since they have some side effects such as upset stomach, fasten blood loss in severe wounds, etc.


As pointed out by numerous reseach, detox drinks are a great addition to your diet whether you are trying to control your weight or not. They are made from fruits and vegetables, so there will be no side effect when you consume them everyday. Also, you can try different combinations of your drinks to fit your taste and increase your appetite

If they are used carefully, detox drinks will be a powerful tool for managing your weight. Since I add them to my diet, I feel fresh and energized everyday while I can eliminate unhealthy eating habits.

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