The Most 6 Amazing Benefits of Milk Thistle Weight Loss

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Do you want to know a right approach to reduce weight? Milk thistle weight loss is highly recommended to you.

Keeping in shape is a dream that everyone wants to come true. However, to get a healthy and sexy body, you will have to find and apply safe and appropriate methods. That is the reason why recently, people, especially women, have been looking for a natural way for weight management.

If you are one of them, so keep reading until the end of this post because today I will introduce you a dietary supplement, which is completely natural, that could accelerate your weight loss progress. What I am talking about is nothing but milk thistle weight loss!

What is milk thistle?


Milk thistle is commonly seen as Silybum marianu that was used as poisonous snake treatment by the Greek. It has a very long history which is connected to ailments treatment like the liver and gallbladder. In fact, milk thistle has been used in plenty of weight loss projects as it significantly enhances metabolism.

A large number of people have considered milk thistle as a contributing factor to weight loss despite no scientific evidence yet. Research has illustrated that milk thistle extract is highly beneficial to liver disorders as well as enhance your liver’s functions. Nevertheless, using milk thistle for weight management is initial to a full-scale study.

Is milk thistle effective at weight loss?

The cardinal rule of losing weight is that a number of calories you burn in a day must be much greater than a number of calories that you consume. Thus, you need to be aware that milk thistle will not tend to cause your tremendous weight loss. Instead, you had better consider it as a contributing factor, not the one and only option for weight loss.

Remember that you ought to have a full consultation with your doctor about taking milk thistle extract as a dietary supplement because it might be dangerous and not effective to some people in some cases.

Benefits of Milk Thistle Weight Loss

Taking dietary components or supplements for weight loss plants like milk thistle extract could perform an indirect role. Its main responsibility is to ensure and improve your body so that it could optimally function.

And here are the most 6 amazing benefits of milk thistle weight loss.

#1. Detox

You could take milk thistle as a component of your detox diet since it will strongly support the function of your liver. One of my suggestions is to make milk thistle tea. Necessary ingredients include:

  • Fresh ginger
  • 3 dandelion tea bags
  • 2 - 3 tea bags (milk thistle)
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Lemon juice
  • Coconut oil

Check this video for specific instructions.

#2. Reduce the cholesterol levels

One of the great advantages of milk thistle is that it could actively assist you in controlling your cholesterol levels. Recent research conducted on animals has found that silymarin in milk thistle is highly effective at bringing your cholesterol level down.

Furthermore, an additional upside of milk thistle is increasing HDL to significant levels. HDL is the abbreviation of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), which is a beneficial kind of cholesterol that you need. In fact, low-density lipoprotein is the negative one that we commonly mention, and you should prevent.

HDL works as a snowplow and vacuum cleaner for your cholesterol level in your body. When it achieves a balanced level, HDL will strip out plaque build-up as well as adding cholesterol in the arteries before sending it to the liver to take it out of your body. That will help you minimize the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

#3. Weight Loss and Controlling Blood Sugar

A wide variety of 2007 studies has proven that taking milk thistle and glibenclamide – diabetes medicine support patients in managing blood sugar. Likewise, milk thistle helped them efficiently reduce the BMI and lose weight after the 120-day course in comparison with taking medication with placebo or alone.

Also, milk thistle has a positive effect on the laxative that could lead to, in some cases, water weight loss

#4. Obesity and Milk Thistle

As you may know, the liver takes the primary responsibility for weight loss by purifying your blood. Milk thistle has come highly recommended due to a proven fact that it could protect and improve your liver leading to fastening the fat metabolism in your body.

#5. Gallbladder and Gallstones

The gallbladder is an internal organ that is connected to your liver where bile is stored. In fact, most of the gallstones form once the cholesterol level in the bile is too high.

In the milk thistle, the silymarin has been proven to increase the bile solubility that will enhance its circulation. You will be less prone to gallstones if you have better bile flow. Thus, taking milk thistle sometimes plays a minor role in reducing the cholesterol levels in your bile.

#6. A balanced diet

According to a 2009 study, silymarin in the milk thistle can help you bring the blood sugar in your body down. It also illustrated that a balanced diet that aims to manage the blood sugar also contributed to weight loss. Hence, milk thistle is recommended to be taken as a dietary supplement.

What is the good dosage that you should take?

You could try 6 cups of milk thistle tea per day with a balanced diet and doing exercises. Remember the rule of weight loss is that a number of calories you burn in a day must be much greater than a number of calories that you consume.

If you are a fan of tea, you can take 2 – 3 capsules of milk thistle extract per day within one month as an absolute minimum. Meanwhile, you should change your diet and have an exercise plan to get a hot body as you wish.

Side Effects

Again, remember that you ought to have a full consultation with your doctor about taking milk thistle extract due to these following side effects

#1. Allergy

On the other side of the coin, milk thistle is not something for individuals who could have an allergic reaction to Asteraceae plants

#2. Diabetes

Some chemicals in the milk thistle could reduce the blood sugar of diabetic patients causing medication adjustment.

#3. Change your hormone

A substance functioning like estrogen might be extracted from milk thistle so that it could result in hormone changing that might have an impact on the menstrual cycle. People who suffer from uterine, breast, and ovarian should not use milk thistle.

#4. Nausea

In some cases, milk thistle will make you want to vomit due to its excretion.

#5. Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

Although scientific evidence about this topic is still not adequate yet, both of pregnant and breastfeeding women are suggested not to use milk thistle for their safety.


I expect that you greatly enjoyed and found today post ‘The most 6 amazing benefits of milk thistle weight loss’ helpful. Milk thistle is just simply a supplement not a real solution for weight loss. If you have any questions or other ideas, leave a comment to let me know. Last, do not hesitate like and to share this article with your friends.


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