6 Alert Signs Of Liver is Not Functioning Properly You Need to Know

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The liver is one of the most indispensable organs in our body. If liver works improperly, you should be the first one taking notice of that for your very health. Unfortunately, most people ignore alarming signs of a badly operating liver or refuse to go the hospital for liver medical checking. As a result, you end up getting pale and exhausted day by day.

As a matter of fact, the reasons leading to the bad liver are commonly known by almost everyone. This is not the case for the signs of a damaged liver. Do you agree with me about this? Therefore, I’m here to share with all of you the hot issue “6 alert signs of liver is not functioning properly” for your deeper information.

However, before I get into any details, I would like to talk a little bit about the main function of a liver in our body. The liver is the organ that supports nearly all other organs in the body to some extent. Without a well working liver, your body shall show badly unexpected signs as your lungs, heart, stomach and so on are affected directly and indirectly by a bad liver.

The liver performs a variety of functions to protect our body from toxins and harmful elements. It lies next to the stomach on the right, the liver has four lobes and receives around 1 ½ quarts of blood a minute. Without the liver, your body can be easily attacked by bad substances and cannot recover from diseases.

Six signs of liver dysfunction

You should know something about how to take care of your liver before earning yourself the knowledge of “6 alert signs of liver is not functioning properly”. First and most importantly, you had better maintain your healthy lifestyle. But what does it mean by a healthy lifestyle? Well, I can sum it up shortly for you by main following bullet points:

  • Build up healthy diets with low trans fats
  • Choose organic foods to avoid pesticides and chemicals as best as you can
  • Drinking water at least 1.5L to 2L per day
  • Exercise frequenty
  • Quit smoking

In spite of such advice above on a healthy lifestyle, you must have periodic medical checks to ensure that your liver is still ok.

#1. Mouth Odor

The first and easiest sign to notice of a bad liver is the odor of your mouth. Those with an improperly operating liver often deliver a breathing smell of a stale fish, thereby causing troubles in life. This is due to the exposure of ammonia production in the body. Of course, you shouldn’t be confused the bad smell of your mouth with the fact that you are lazy brushing your teeth on a daily basis. It is a different story.

Once you get complaints from people around that your mouth has bad smell recently, you should check your personal hygiene first. Then, if the situation improves a little, you might start to think about what you have done with your diet lately. The answer can wake you up relevant to your liver.

#2. Changes in Skin

A bad finger tip (Photo credit: quinn.anya via Foter.com)

One of the obvious signs of liver damages is sudden changes in your skin. This is more obvious to see. People around you can tell you how your face looks like and how your body is like. Sometimes, you cannot see this sign yourself. You also should pay attention to your fingernails’ colors. Tips of your fingers or the fingertips can turn into yellow. This is common sense.

The reason why this happens is your liver cannot release harmful substances out of your body, and therefore, bilirubin starts to accumulate under your skin. Once again, if this situation occurs, you need to reconsider your lifestyle or else, it is too late for you to save your liver.

#3. Severe Digestion

A tired man (Photo credit: Mic445 via Foter.com)

If fat is restored in your liver or if your liver becomes larger, your body cannot digest water.This is the truth you must know. If the digestive problems happen on a frequent basis, no matter how serious they are, it means your liver is overloaded with the releasing functions. The liver has to work with so many toxins coming into your body through what you eat.

The result is that the liver confronts with bigger and bigger problems time after time. Toxins cannot be released from the body, thereby leaving you a sense of sickness and tiredness. You don’t want to do anything. The long lasting exhaustion leads to a weaker body before diseases including liver ones. The worst case you can ever think of is liver cancer. So, watch out and listen to your body to have medical care in time.

#4. Oversensitive skin

Another problem related to your skin when your liver gets worse is a skin with over-sensitiveness. You feel itchy all the time. The itchy area spreads day by day. The point is after you scratch the itchy area, your skin becomes easily inflamed. You feel hesitant to touch somebody because it makes you itchy. You had better acknowledge that this could be a sign of a damaged liver.

A recommended solution to ease the itchy pain is to keep your body moisturized by drinking water from 1.5L to 2L depending on your frequency of doing exercises. Somehow this method can help reduce your discomforts.

#5. Changes in Urine and Stool

If your liver is treated badly, well! It will make a treason immediately. The clearest evidence for those who have damaged liver lies in the bathroom. It could be your urine. In many cases, urine becomes darker in color. Some might mistake this with dehydration as they do not drink enough water per day. This could be a good explanation, especially when they drink the improper amount of fluids.

That is why you should take in water appropriately so that your urine can be clearer. In fact, you might face the problem that your stools are bloody or pale. It is a dangerous sign. Once you get into this case, you should go to the hospital for medical advice immediately.

#6. Abdominal Swelling

Big Belly (Photo credit: Tobyotter via Foter.com)

The lifestyle of laziness in doing exercises and sitting still in one place for a long time leads to a lot of harmful influences on our bodies. Abdominal swelling is just one of many bad results of such lifestyle. You eat too much and show no efforts in any exercises, whether light jogging, running, etc.

Your liver has to deal with a large amount of pesticides and toxins from daily foods. Consequently, it gets contaminated and becomes larger. A bigger liver occupies spaces of other organs, leaving you oversized belly. If this situation cannot be treated immediately, your abdomen might end up being enlarged.

To sum up

Now that you’ve earned yourself knowledge of signs of a liver functioning improperly. You’re also noted how important your liver is to your body. Please treat your liver better each day with a healthy diet and lifestyle. No one can stand the liver pain for you but yourself. You shouldn’t ignore any single one out of six signs I share with you earlier.

If this post is helpful, share it with your friends and encourage them to live for a healthy tomorrow.


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