3 Excellent Ways Enable You to Reverse Fatty Liver – Do You Need to Know?

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When saying to fatty liver, it means that there are about 5% to 10% of fat, which is having in your liver.

Frequently, the main cause is due to the nonalcoholic or alcoholic sources. Abuse them can lead to the serious problems for your liver. But, you do not worry too much. In fact, there are some ways, which can help you reserve fatty liver. Let’s learn together right now!!!

Reserve Fatty Liver – Simple as That!

1. Have a Healthy Lifestyle & Diet

#. Weight-loss

This one can help you reserve the damaged condition of the fatty liver. But, it recommends that you lose your weight gradually ~ 450-900g per week. Don’t lose too much! It likely causes complications.

Accordingly to some studies, weight-loss (about 9% of the body weight) can help reserve fatty liver effectively. If less than this number, the ability to reserve will not occur.

Basically, you just need to maintain a proper diet, along with the physical activities. Say no to fad diets as well as the diet supplements.


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#. Exercise

Apart from helping you lose the body weight, exercising also contributes to maintaining a healthy body, improving the circulation, and dispersing fats in your body. Instead, use carbohydrates for converting the energy.

You are not acquainted with exercising, are you? Well, let’s start with the light exercises, jogging for 30 minutes several times in a week, for example. Then, you try increasing the amount as long as you can do that every day.

Swimming, walking, or cycling is cardiovascular exercises that you can follow. They are good for building muscle and your heart.

#. Use Sugars and Carbohydrates a Limited Way

Insulin – a fat-storing hormone needs to be decreased in your body, especially in a case of reserving fatty liver condition. Sugars and carbohydrates will make the insulin intake increase. Consequently, you ought to limit them.

Carbohydrates with the simple structure are easy to digest, so blood sugar increases quickly after you consume them. On the contrary, the complex carbohydrates are difficult to consume, so they are healthier.

Those who have the problems related to the liver, in particular, fatty liver, should limit carbohydrates, including, whole grains, pasta, pastry, bread, cereal, and snack foods.

#. Eat Vegetables

You should know that vegetables provide complex carbohydrates. If compared to grains, carbohydrate intake is less. Therefore, it does not affect insulin or blood sugar.

It is noticed that they contribute to cleansing your liver from the fat and restoring the liver function.

Raw or cooked vegetables are good, but you do not add salad or foods with unhealthy fats. If possible, you should drink 2-3 glasses of vegetable juice per week.

It can add the drink with the fruit ingredient without involving the artificial sweeteners. Nonetheless, you should also limit the types of fruits with high sugar intake. They may affect insulin problems.


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#. Supplement Protein

There do not any effects that protein causes insulin level or blood sugar. Even, it can say that it still helps stabilize blood sugar. Eating more protein, your weight-loss becomes easier.

Healthy protein has originated from seafood, seeds, eggs, poultry, nuts, legumes,…

#. Use Healthy Fats

In fact, it is not necessary that a low-fat diet may reserve fatty liver, but it also contributes a small part.

Don’t eat unhealthy fats such as pizza or chips. You can find the healthy fats in olive oil, raw nuts, eggs, seafood, seeds, and nut butter.

#. Avoid the Alcohol

Whatever your fatty liver problem is not due to the alcohol, should also skip it. Drinking too much alcohol can damage the cells of the liver. Your liver has gradually become weak to be able to against the fat cells. Time to time, the built-up fat cells are more and more.

#. Watch out with Medications

Filtering is a main function of the liver. Some medications do not affect your liver, but others can make the liver damaged or weak.

The medications like cardiovascular drugs, sex hormone treatments, anti-tuberculosis drugs, contraceptive drugs, antibiotics,… have a negative effect your liver. Let’s avoid them!

2. Use Natural Supplements

#. Vitamin E


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Supplementing an enough amount of vitamin E means that you have provided 800 IU every day.

According to a research at Virginia Commonwealth University, vitamin E helps reduce the liver enzymes. These enzymes are assumed that have the ability to increase liver disease. Even, vitamin E can still heal the scarring of your liver.

#. Omega-3


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It is necessary to supplement 1,000 mg of Omega-3 per day. It likely minimizes the serum markers related to damage to the liver cells, according to the British Medical Journal pointed out.

Apart from, these fatty acids also contribute to decreasing the glucose and triglyceride levels in your body. Thanks to that, the risk of fatty liver is lower.

#. Milk Thistle


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You can add some drops of milk thistle into a cup of tea or a glass of water every morning. Why? Because milk thistle is composed of silymarin, which is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredient.

A couple of studies have shown that it has the ability to release the unhealthy cytokines out of the liver. It can say that this is a natural treatment.

#. Green Tea


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Every day, you should drink 2-3 cups of green tea. You should choose the type without including caffeine. Drinking green tea daily will help you reduce the absorption capacity. Furthermore, the fatty acid oxidation is significantly improved. So, these fatty acids are converted into the energy.

3. Treat with the Medical Method

#. Diabetes Medications

Diabetes and fatty liver are the linked one. Based on the initial study, diabetes medications have the ability to bring the positive effects fatty liver disease. Let’s look at here!

Metformin – A diabetes medication with an oral form, whose usage is to control your blood sugar level.

Pioglitazone & rosiglitazone – The cells will become sensitive to the insulin in your body. Correspondingly, insulin intake and blood sugar are minimized.

#. Orlistat

People frequently use it for their weight-loss purpose. Today, the researchers are also learning its ability to treat fatty liver.

It is known that they can prevent the absorption of unhealthy fats from the foods. This one is good for your liver.

#. Check-Ups Regularly

It recommends that you should go to the hospital to check-up your liver regularly. If it recognizes any problems, you can get a timely treatment.

In addition to that, you can also detect the related diseases. Generally, hypertension, diabetes, or obesity are the common diseases, which may lead to fatty liver.

The Final Words

Let’s follow what we shared above! It believes that you can entirely reserve fatty liver effectively. You should know that you must combine all 3 ways in order to be able to achieve an optimal result.

Please comment below if you still have any questions. We will reply as fast as possible. Good healthy!!!


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